Idle and jobless in paradise

Dear Editor The United Nations Report mentioned on the front page of yesterday’s issue showing concerns about the joblessness in Samoa is a matter not to be taken lightly.

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Enlightening Samoa

Re: Samoan traditions Malo Ale, I hope our people will wake up and understand what we’ve been trying to enlightened them for quite sometime. Christianity has made a real man (Jesus) from the metaphorical and Astrological story in the bible.

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Man jailed for sexual connection

Wow. Less a sentence for his good conduct and contribution to the church and village.

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Traditionally Samoans, as in most other cultures, are a family-oriented people

Editor, First of all, my thanks to the Afioga Gatoaitele Savea for a snippet of the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (hereafter noted as the “Church of Jesus Christ” or “Church”) in his response to Dr. Kuhlmann.

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Romania to appoint ambassador to Samoa

Romania has nothing to offer Samoa! Quinoa Tuato Keep away from people who don’t think like us! Keep our innocence! Quinoa Tuato

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What do you think about 4-hour power outage?

Disappointed with the EPC, from these people’s comments seems like the power usually went off now and then, quite clear the organisation fail to come up with a solution to sustain the supply of electricity across the country.

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Samoa Water Authority’s original sin

Dear Editor, The Samoa Water Authority has done one thing right; they published the names of some delinquent account holders not withstanding their social prominence. Well done, SWA! Maybe the Observer could give you a page once a month so you can list all your outstanding accounts complete with name, village and amount due.

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The Rock will not

Re: Should Seiuli back Super rugby team? Nope...He’s strictly NFL and NCAA. And looking at the anti-Americanism that is spreading throughout the world recently, I’d say that he’d be more prone to be defensive about compromising American sporting culture with Commonwealth of Nations Rugby and Rugby League.

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Thought provoking

Re: Christian principles, Samoan customs and “six million Jews” Interesting and definitely thought provoking. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, our current prophet Russel M. Nelson revealed in the last General Conference that we are not “Mormons”, we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ as that is the true name of the church as it was restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1830.

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Get off the rocks!

Dear Editor Re: Campaign calls on the Rock Dream on. Seiyuli Dwayne Johnson will just see this as an empty, no-returns investment proposal, like hundreds others that he will have come across.

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A beautiful tribute it was indeed

Dear Editor, Re: P.M. condemns “beautiful tribute” comments These guys were in a funeral procession. Their cars are ‘muscle’ cars, meaning at whatever gear you are in and you press the gas pedal, the tyres squeal.

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Blessed are the lucky few

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa Authority debtors Blessed are the lucky chosen few who have such privilege to qualify for the free handouts. Sorry are the underprivileged majority who struggle to make ends meet and fulfill their emphasis task of the bargain, to help carry Samoa over their shoulders in sun, wind and rain.

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Why such a team will not work

Dear Editor, Re: Campaign calls on the Rock I don’t think a team backed by NFL players and entertainers in the US of Pacific island heritage makes any sense. For one, the financial cost and burden to support a team continuously is not a trivial matter, and these sports stars and personalities would be asked to risk theirs and their family’s own financial futures in a venture they probably have only a passing interest in.

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How to get them to pay their bills

Dear Editor, Had it not for the Prime Minister’s insistence that the S.W.A. keep chasing their outstanding water bill debts, we would not find out who the smart individuals in this society are. I wish I have the ability to feel no shame about not paying for a service which I use.

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Thank the Government

Re: UK to step up its presence in Samoa Samoa shall thank the Prime Minister and my H.R.P.P. government for the progressive and positive politics it helps to develop our country into what it is of today.

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40 years of British American Tobacco in Samoa and the rise of N.C.D’s

Dear Editor, The British American Tobacco Company celebrated 40 years of its presence in Samoa recently and while there may have been debatable economic benefits to the country it is also important to highlight the negative health aspects of tobacco smoking in Samoa, which probably cancels the economic benefits.

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Let’s make this happen Samoa

Dear Editor, Re: Pacific Games next year Let’s work hard Prime Minister and Team Samoa to prepare the country to host the Pacific Games next year. Keep going and make this another huge goal to be a successful one, just like the UN S.I.D.S. Conference in the past. This time around is way better.

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We’ve already got enough airports

Dear Editor, With regards to your editorial titled Corruption is also the misuse of generosity of others,” I say we don’t need another airport. There are three airports in Samoa already.... FALEOLO, FAGALII AND MAOTA you name it.

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Ministry of Revenue clarifies Clearance and Deferral scheme

Dear Editor, I refer to the above matter, which was reported in your Sunday paper on the 14 October 2018 and also as an editorial feature on the 18th October 2018. This is to provide a response on further clarifications sought from your paper on the subject matter.

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How to prepare

Re: Games athletes laud Samoa’s preparations I agree with where Samoa athletes can do their training while Samoa is getting ready for the Pacific Game next year. Overseas facilities can help prepare them for the Pacific Games.

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Opportunities, APEC PNG and Samoa

Google “apec papua new guinea” and you will get over 3 million entries in seconds, confirming how the 2018 APEC Leaders Summit now underway in Port Moresby has put the Pacific Islands’ largest nation in the global spotlight. The leaders of the grouping’s 21 member economies are making their way to Port Moresby for the November 17-18 international conference.

Street Talk

Aotoa Peter, 33

Public condemn attempted attack on P.M. Tuilaepa

Attempts by two unidentified men, who tried to attack Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi in Brisbane, Australia on Wednesday night has shocked the nation and triggered condemnation from various fronts. Our reporter Yolanda Lavata’i speaks to the public to get their views on the issue.

Think a Minute

Family fallout

Think a minute…Today’s world, from its large companies to entire countries, runs on the speed and power of computers. But when the computer breaks down, it causes serious loss, damage, even destruction.


The beautiful memories will remain

Talofa! It is with great pleasure that I come with my colleagues to attend the Closing Ceremony of Training Course on Creative Handicrafts and Sewing skills for Samoa sponsored by the Chinese government.

Between the Lines


P.M. on Church leaders It seems Prime Minister Tuilaepa can’t leave members of clergy alone. During a radio programme last week, he had plenty to say about Church Ministers. For instance, he reminded them that Church Ministers were only taught on spiritual matters, not on Economics.

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

The spears flew towards the youth on the hill, whistling as they cut through the air. Grinning, Queen Medb’s general drew his sword, eager to take back to his Queen the head of this warrior whom they called the Hound of Ulster. He had no doubt his spears would find their mark.

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