How is it possible?

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Re: We are our own enemy in this respect

How is it possible that Samoa has a problem with violence if you follow the flawed rational of the many Samoan Christian apologists out there, both living in Samoa and living abroad? 

A huge part of the argument that the Christian rely on to justify why embracing a palagi colonial Jesus religion was a good idea was that before they embraced Jesus as their lord and saviour they were a violent lot. 

Are these people that stupid that they can’t see the conflict and that they actually have no valid argument at all? Poor fools.

It’s like they are walking around without a head. Obviously Jesus isn’t helping as much as they like to say he is.

This must be a trick of the colonial masters and their domestic puppets to dull the senses of the indigenous people for the thefts of their resources for the imperialists coffers.

Look no further than the American version of religious imperialism of Mormonism, one of the wealthiest corporation in the world, extracting 10 percent tithes from the poorest people in the south pacific and Africa for the benefit of the wealthy men in the US who run the fake religion, in exchange for 21 water tanks. 

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