Start a housing programme instead

Why do we need another wharf? Look at the Satitoa one. It would be nice if we could initiate some kind of housing programme

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Well done, Tui Atua!

I congratulate the Tama Aiga, le afioga ile Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese for his courage to stand up and boldly denounce L.T.R.A. 2008. He has made his position clear.

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Locals and aspirations

Dear Editor, Re: Will Samoa ever be a self reliant country? I am totally bamboozled by this article for I can’t get the mixed messages it contains. The article talks about Samoans lacking initiative and specifically mentions CEO’s, ACEO’s and farmers.

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Don’t village mayors have rights as government employees too

Dear Editor, Interesting reading your editorial on the Prime Minister and comments about Samoa being a dictatorship. There are varying degrees of dictatorship and there are different types of dictators, the latter including Idi Amin, Mugabe and Saddam.

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A load of rubbish

Dear Editor, Re: Customary lands and the truth Rubbish. The L.T.R.A. 2008 is not unconstitutional at all. Stop reading rubbish online from people who have never once taken the matter to the Courts to test their stupid legal arguments before the Judges.

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Why child labour exists in Samoa

Dear Editor I have remained tight lipped over these child labour reports (as reported in the Samoa Observer) of at least a years worth in the hope, that Stui and his cronies would have this child vendoring outlawed, and families given support to make ends meet.

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Blame the parents

Re: The issue of poverty Blame everyone else except the people who put that child there - his parents. You can blame the govt, the social charities, the police, the schools, the churches, but the number one teacher in someone’s life is their mother and father.

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Cyber surveillance

Re: Cyber security on the agenda When this exercise is finished, ‘someone’ will have a good idea of habits of the local IT people who have an idea of IPs, DNSs, ip4/6, ports , encapsulation, backdoors etc. etc. Network latency has doubled before one gets ‘outside the reef’ with the insertion of several devices in the route since O.L.P.

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The real problem

Re: Four year old street vendor The problem in my understanding all started from the mum when she was a young girl. She didn’t have a vision in life. The fact is, when she was sent to school she didn’t worry at all about her future.

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It’s all about control

Dear Editor Re: P.M. snubs Samoa Observer The Prime Minister’s approach against the Samoa Observer is one that is well planned, to gain favor and support from someone in the office which has the authority to control media outlet.

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Samoa no longer a democracy

Dear Editor, Re: Does sacking a village mayor justify being called a dictatorship He has been taking over more and more areas of Samoa putting the power in his hands and lessening the power the people have.

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The issue of poverty

Dear Editor, Re: A four-year-old street vendor Talofa e! This is not a good start to life is it? Only 4 years old and should be in school but instead forced to help provide for the family.

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Love is the answer

Dear Editor, Re: A mother’s love My heart goes out to you Terry. You and your husband did an awesome job. I have four of my own. And trust a mother’s love for their children is like no other.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day

Dear Editor, Re: Time to demand better results from our pathetic Manu Sevens While the Manu Samoa Sevens team is going through a rebuild and restructure from previous management, coaches and players, I think it would be fare to say that your comments are a little harsh.

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Why Pastors should pay tax

Re: Pastors and taxes We need our faifeaus to pay their taxes so that they can contribute to the upkeep of modern infrastructures in Samoa. Taxes for the Romans were necessary to avoid persecutions, Temple taxes were necessary to enable the priests and Levites to perform their duties and maintain this magnificent building.

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Short response to Afamasaga’s long-winded piece

Dear Editor Re: Taxes, church, govt and Ned Afamasaga, you’re bound to win this round, again for wordiness rather than lucidity, reason or honesty in you defense of the practice of taxation.

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The direction Samoa is heading

Dear Editor Re: Govt. sacks Village Mayor Another evil method your government is using and undermining fa’asamoa. First they create a parliamentary system, which is not; it’s a slow motion system of a coup over the people.

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Useless exercise

Re: Facebook, Zuckerberg and Prime Minister Tuilaepa’s troubles I have traveled often to China in my business activities and initially found that many “normal” websites and social media were banned by the Government there.

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Manu Samoa Sevens

Re: Time to demand better results from pathetic Sevens Thank you Mr. Editor. I couldn’t agree more with your views. If this was a coach from Apia West or Apia, the Union would have sacked him already. Tietjens has had more than a year to work with this team.

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Crytocurrency and the world

Dear Editor Cryptocurrency is an orchestrated One World Order agenda to convert all of the world’s fiat currency into digital. There was an article written 30 years ago in 1978 by the Rothchild’s magazine called the Economist that predicted the year 2018 as the year that they will do the reset.

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Why we shouldn’t forget ANZAC Day

And so some people in Samoa paused once more yesterday morning to remember the A.N.Z.A.C’s. Pity that because once upon a time, it was an occasion to behold on these shores where an entire population would stop to remember.

Street Talk

Eseta Faasao, 42

Public oppose new chicken tax

The recent passing of the Customs and Tariff Bill in Parliament means new tariff rates will be imposed on all imported chicken. This is a grave concern given that chicken is one of the most affordable meat for families living below the poverty line and middle income earners. Taxing such goods is no doubt a burden on these families because a decent meal every day is now being robbed from them with price increase. Our reporter, Ulimasao Fata asked the public on their opinion on Government’s move to tax imported frozen chicken. This is what they said:

Think a Minute

The Greatest Job

Think a minute…A Greek philosopher said that when a son behaves wrongly it is the father who should be punished, since he is the one who failed to do his job. When the wealthy man Friedrich Flick died, he had built a fortune of $1½ billion (worth much more today)! He owned 300 companies and was respected as one of the world’s smartest businessmen.


The decision between processed and local food

We all know that this planet have problems of hunger and malnutrition, about 900 million people. Remember obesity is malnutrition, an illness. All United Nations members have committed themselves to eradicate hunger and malnutrition in all its forms by 2030.

Between the Lines


Banking whispers Whispers about the change of ownership for a major player in the banking industry in Samoa has been laughed off.

Sunday Reading

HONOURING THE VOLUNTEER VETS: The members of the A.P.S. board alongside the 3 volunteers at Taumesina Island Resort.

The Howler: A.P.S. says thank you

Members of the Animal Protection Society (A.P.S.) board gathered at the beautiful Taumeasina Resort for a dinner to honor the volunteer vets that came over from Australia to help conduct the clinics.

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