Comments repugnant and blasphemous

Dear Editor, Re: The man who broke St. Mary statue in Court I don’t think you “WALK AND TALK THE BIBLE” ever because you sounded too naive and “trigger happy”. I am a Christian and I find your comments repugnant and blasphemous.

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Christians who act in unchristian manner

Dear Editor, Re: Is Samoa a Christian nation? Wow, what a read... interesting, often off subject and obviously written by a scholarly author.

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The cost of travelling to Samoa

Dear Editor, Re: Struggles of travelling to Samoa This is a timely letter given that we’ve just had Valentine’s day. This guy’s love for his Samoan wife must be so deep and unfathomable, for him to spend all that money to keep coming to Samoa.

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Challenge to Orlando Huaman

Re: Is Samoa a Christian nation? Who is this Orlando Huaman who writes about things that he doesn’t understand? First off a Christian nation is a country that more that 50% believe in Jesus Christ, in which Samoa is.

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Value of education

Re: Details about new university Thank you Mr. Gounder for your love of education. Good luck with your new endeavor.

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Blame the government

Re: N.P.F chief denies conflict This is a normal practice with this govt, especially by the people who head the govt. depts.

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Mary the mother of Jesus

Re: The man who broke St. Mary statue in Court It is not about the colour and images of Mary and Jesus.

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Look at history

Re: Who is more dangerous? Christians or Muslims? Go back through the history of Church-blessed exiles, banishment, evictions, beatings, killings, house stonings and burnings, property damage and confiscation and tell me how this is different from Shariah law, again?

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P.M. said it first

Re: What President Donald Trump has already done for America! I believe our P.M. wants to maintain his claim of being the first “Nutcase” to lead a nation. With all due respect to the POTUS, our P.M. was the first to make ridiculous remarks.

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Consider legalising marijuana

Dear Editor, Re: Three males charged with drug possession The police finding a leaf of marijuana in the young man’s pocket then arrested and charged him is a waste of taxpayers’ money and resources.

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Samoans are a resilient hard working lot

Dear Editor, Re: Who is more dangerous? Christians or Muslims: It is great to read views/opinions of Street Talk from various age groups of the Samoan people. It is encouraging that all of them have expressed their true heart of their faith in Almighty God.

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The real issue with foreign debt

Dear Editor, Re: Defending China’s aid It is not China’s aid per se which matters, but rather, the type of aid Samoa receives.

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Corporate takeover of U.S.A

Dear Editor, Re: What President Donald Trump has already done for America!

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No sympathy here

Dear Editor, Re: Fa’avale’s Family Plight I have just read an article on the 14th of February edition of this esteemed newspaper, Fa’avale’s Family Plight, and wish to blow off some steam.

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Astronomical cost of travelling to Samoa

Dear Editor, I just wanted to get my point of view across to anyone in Samoa who really cares. At the moment I am in Australia - but I have been to Samoa over 100 times since 1973 since my wife is a Samoan.

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Lawyer raised valid point

Dear Editor, Re: Lawyer queries Chief Justice’s church links This is called tactics. Any good attorney will use the Conflict Of Interest as an appeal. She has every right to address this for future litigation by others too. Judges are fallible just like a common man.

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The difference between Muslims and Christians

Dear Editor, Re: Who is more dangerous? Christians or Muslims? This is a true account. The year was 1995, in Melbourne Australia, I had an encounter with several Muslims brethren, I was also invited inside a Mosque, didn’t have to wash my feet because I did not have intercourse the night before, I was told.

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Stop blaming the U.S.

Re: Who is more dangerous? Christians or Muslims? It amazes me that people blame all the ugliness of the world’s history on the U.S. Any part of history that have any negative light, you blame the U.S. Although the U.S did not exist during those times.

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The preamble is enough

Re: Why it is problematic to put the Trinity in our Constitution Fatilua, thank you for a well-written letter. I’m still deciding to see if I will submit my letter on the subject or not. In it I also mention the Caesar (state) vs. God (church) dichotomy.

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American Samoa govt. questioned over handling of girl from Samoa

The following piece is a letter to the editor published in Samoa News which raises questions about the handling of a case involving a woman from Samoa and her new born baby. Written by Ipu Avegalio Lefiti, it is reprinted here in full:

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Wasted time and money

For those of us who do not have a law degree but have learned something about right and wrong during our lives, it was always a ridiculous situation.

Street Talk

Siaki Mafiti

Ele deserves money from Samoa

Samoa’s Olympic medalist, Ele Opeloge, is unlikely to earn a lot of money – if any – from the government for her efforts. Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi’s insists the government only awards monetary gifts to Olympic gold medal winners.

Think a Minute

The unlocked door

Think a minute…This is a true story about a young lady who got so tired of living with her strict parents that she ran away from home.


Time’s Illusionist

Jorim–Paul Phillips is a new columnist for the Samoa Observer’s ‘Newspapers in Education’ feature.

Between the Lines

New airlines please

We really need another airline that is not affiliated to an existing one which is also flying in and out of Samoa. In other words, competition please, not a cosy relationship where you both maintain the status quo at the expense of the trapped customers

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World - The Charmed Drink

The mead hall of King Giuki was filled with the sounds of music and laughter. At his table, the king sat smiling, his horn in his hand and his eyes fixing themselves upon each of his sons in turn.

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