Justice and Reverend Uili

Dear Editor, Re: Church members call for reimbursement The main issue which puzzles me about this whole saga is why Reverend Uili has not been reinstated to roles similar to those he held prior to him being asked to step down.

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The truth about ourselves

Dear Editor, Re: Church Ministers already pay taxes Considering the rise of immortality in the community which now includes parents raping and killing their own children...

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The Police and their antics

Dear Editor, Re: Accused woman breaks her silence Stoira, many of us wise and people with brains feel so sad and sorry for what you went through. You are absolutely correct.

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Sue the Police

Re: Police still in the hunt for blogger This lady who was arrested without a case should lodge a complaint with the PSU and should sue the Police as well.

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Out of control

Re: We were lucky Rape and robbery are signs of a country out of control and unable to reduce unemployment and rising cost of living.

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He should be in jail

Re: Man tells Court of secret love affair He is 43 and she’s 15. What kind of sane judge or a lawyer would allow this to go to court?

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Life after for a C.E.O.

Dear Editor Re: In with the new, out with the old Malo le faiva ma le tautua Sulu. So many opportunities out there to explore and you have so much potential and still young ‘n active.

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And the answer is tourism

Dear Editor Re: Tourism is our hope That is the whole idea and action that some sons and daughters of Samoa are working hard behind the scene with their developer partners and leaders of Samoa for Samoa.

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Thank you so much, Japan!

Dear Editor, Domo arigatou gozaimasu I live in the Tanoaleia/Vaivaseuta area and water quality used to be a big problem. A 25 micron fibre filter will clog with sediment and sludge with ‘clean’ water running, in one week.

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Debt, crime and rugby

Dear Editor, It’s been interesting to read a number of issues covered in the paper lately and thought I’d comment of a few things: Government Debt A number of comments in Letters to the Editor this week caught the eye.

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People know so much

Dear Editor, Re: The church and Samoa today I think, it is the first faifeau who came with his bible and told the people of Samoa that there is a saying in the bible called FREE WILL.

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It doesn’t make sense

Dear Editor, Re: No water, electricity for family living in shack This underprivileged and economically displaced family apparently represents a sector of the population living in conditions deprived of essential and necessary services that the government should provide at bare minimum.

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Jesus Christ the way and the truth

Dear Editor, Re: Of God, grace and Christianity What motivation is there for anyone to do any good then? If it’s up to God, as you say, then you’re implying some kind of “judgment”, right? And if so, on what criteria will he base such judgment?

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What is really happening

Dear Editor, Re: Deaths force govt to reconsider New Zealand has been talking about ending this programme and get New Zealanders back to work and now the PM acts like he cares about the death of two Samoans.

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Are you sure?

Re: The worst performance ever “Besides, nobody else can coach this side. Local coaches failed and McGrath also failed. His supporters now hold up the Paris leg win as if it was some kind of world cup victory. One victory in Paris in 2 years of losses isn’t all that great.”

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Just too dump

Re: Lawyer says wrong woman What the lawyer said is exactly right: “The Police are dump”. They don’t have any clue of what they were doing.

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How they won it

Re: Manu Samoa Sevens In Canada, there is a big picture on the front page of our local paper of Nathan Hiriyama and the team. He is from Richmond BC where I am from.

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Tourism is our hope

Dear Editor, Re: Distractions, smokescreens and cost of corruption A much needed warning to all Samoans and especially the government workers. The abuse of resources from borrowed money is not going to last forever.

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Just pay him the money

Dear Editor, Re: Rugby chief congratulates sacked coach Hahahaha... this is actually funny. E fiu lava e gaga le kamaimoa ae la lava e ioio mai... Come on C.E.O and P.M.

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The meaning of Christianity

Dear Editor, Re: Leave the faifeaus alone “Once they accept Jesus Christ then the Spirit will guide them in what they must do, they’ll know what true love is, and right and wrong, because the Spirit is the best teacher, he will guide you into all truths and convicts the world of sins.”

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Give yourself a sporting chance

There is just over a month to go before the Queensland Reds and the Auckland Blues will run out onto Apia Park. Who would have thought that would be possible?

Street Talk

Malia Tili, 27

Is it really necessary to find ‘O LE PALEMIA’?

The name of the person known as ‘O le Palemia’ has been cause for conjecture on social media for weeks. With the police now involved in a search, Ilia L Likou asked the people on the street whether they thought it was worth the effort. Here are their thoughts:

Think a Minute

Learning to love

Think a minute…about love. It makes the world go around, right? The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be much going around! Most of us know that to love and be loved is what life is all about.


ANZAC: Lest we forget!

Today, 25 April 2017, marks 102 years since the landing of thousands of Australian and New Zealand troops on the shores of Gallipoli and the birth of the term ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps).

Between the Lines


The righteous thing The Ministry of Revenue is not the most popular of government Ministries right now. That’s for sure.

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

The fire burnt low in the hearth but the servant women made no move to add fuel to it.

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