NOSE DIVE: Oops, some players left a trail of destruction in their wake!

Kickin’ it, Old School style

These gentlemen were seen putting their fellow players through gaps, nimbly sidestepping, stiff arming and generally reliving their glory days on the field. 

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Sir Gordon Tiejtens.

S.R.U. chairman optimistic

The chairman of the Samoa Rugby Union is full of optimism about the future of the Manu Samoa Seven’s rugby team.

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Lole Junior with Samoa’s High Tech Youth Network In-Country Manager, Moananu Tyrone Laurenson.

Young entrepreneur’s passion, now his work

A young Samoan entrepreneur has been running his own video production business, called L.J. PRODUCTIONS, for about a year in Otara, Auckland, New Zealand. 

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The makeshift cover over a drainage hole, is located directly in front of Mr. Hong's business premises at Vaitele. It is the source of foul odours.

Foul smelling drainage

“When it's sunny days then the foul smell starts to come out." He claims this is a problem for his clients especially since they sell coffee and food items from his store." - Mr Hong

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SUPPORTED: Minister, Faimalemalo Kika Stowers with participants from Samoa.

Pacific Conference on Disability begins

Nuanua O Le Alofa (N.O.L.A.) Samoa, is hosting the 5th Pacific Regional Conference on Disability where more than 150 members, from about 20 Pacific countries and territories, are participating in this important, week-long event.

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Faamalele Va’a, 37 years old from Tuana’i.

A house for Fa’amalele’s family

“I’m not saying that I’m not grateful for the home we have, but it’s just that I want my children to be comfortable and grow up in a proper home like everyone else.”

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ASKING FOR HELP:  Filomena.Letiataulevao.

Struggling to cope

A 64 year old mother of four desperately needs help to find a way to make her house a better shelter in this season of rain.

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Vanessa with a young Chrissy back in the 1990’s.

Finding Vanessa

A young lady from America, Chrissy Mueller is looking for her Samoan friend. Her name is Vanessa.

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Gary Peres is a young man from Leauvaa and Le Vi Saleimoa who is passionate about family development.

Passionate to develop family

The 22 year-old believes that where ever you go, you will always find your way back home if you are meant to be. 

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WORK ON YOUR OWN: Tala Tavu’i advises.

Learning to be independent

Life is full of changes and challenges but we have to be thankful forwhat we have and what we earn for our family.

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CLEARLY HAPPY: Suspended Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil has had all charges against him dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Charges against Commissioner withdrawn

Suspended Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil is a happy man. It follows a decision made by the Supreme Court to dismiss all charges against him due to insufficient evidence.

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Sir Gordon Tietjens.

Marist Sevens key in Tietjens future plans

 “What I’m really looking for is consistency in selection. Once I finally get the players together and I still have some players who are still trying to make the squad. - Sir Gordon Tietjens

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THANK YOU: Marist Sports Club and their supporters at the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel on Saturday night.

Curtain falls on huge week for Marist family

The event kicked off with the Fight for Marist II, followed by Rugby League Nines, Netball, Touch tournament and of course the finale which was the 29th Marist International Sevens tournament at Apia Park.

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A WANTED MAN IN SAMOA: Valufitu Fiu Uolilo remains in Australia while Samoa appeals the decision.

Hunt for international fugitive hits snag

The Police’s bid to bring back a prisoner who escaped from Tafa’igata Prison and managed to skip the country has hit a snag.

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STIMATA CLAIM: Reverend Opapo Soana’i (middle) has always been very supportive of his daughter, Toa. In this picture, he accompanies her during a mass at the Catholic Cathedral where Toa is greeted by Archbishop Alapati Mataeliga.

Church elders defer decision

The future of a Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (C.C.C.S) Minister, who is the father of a woman who claims to be carrying the marks of Jesus Christ’s suffering, is to be determined next month.

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The Police is to launch an investigation into a rumour about the existence of an alleged prostitution operation at Falelauniu.

Prostitution rumour rejected

The Police is to launch an investigation into a rumour about the existence of an alleged prostitution operation at Falelauniu.

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GREAT STUFF: Sara Todd, Cruz Hodson and Wally Collins.

Samoa’s Tri Series gets off to great start

The 2017 Powerade Tri Series kicked off on Saturday at Mulinu’u in perfect conditions for swimming, biking and running. 

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WELCOME TO ISLAND ROCK: Staff members of Island Rock Company welcome their customers.

Island Rock pumping with Early bird Fa’amati special

With the annual Fa’amati just a few weeks, Island Rock Company Limited was the place to be on Saturday.

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Deputy Prime Minister: Fiamē Naomi Matā’afa.

Govt. donates $20,000 for Marist

The inaugural Marist International Sports Week has come to an end but it would not have been possible without the support of many key partners.

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SIDS flags on display in Apia.

S.I.D.S. meeting heads to Bahamas

The Small Island Developing States (S,I.D.S.) Symposium, organized by the Government of Bahamas with support of the United Nations, focusing on the specific development challenges faced by S.I.D.S., will kick off on 21 February 2017 in Nassau, the Bahamas.

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Think a Minute

The unlocked door

Think a minute…This is a true story about a young lady who got so tired of living with her strict parents that she ran away from home.


Time’s Illusionist

Jorim–Paul Phillips is a new columnist for the Samoa Observer’s ‘Newspapers in Education’ feature.

Between the Lines

New airlines please

We really need another airline that is not affiliated to an existing one which is also flying in and out of Samoa. In other words, competition please, not a cosy relationship where you both maintain the status quo at the expense of the trapped customers

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