MAKE GOOD DECISIONS: Mina Tuivasa from Laulii.

Old enough to know what to do

When you are old enough to make your own decisions, you don’t need anyone else to tell you what to do.

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FULL OF AMBITION: Sililo Iese from the village of Lauli’i.

Carpentry is my thing

Sililo Iese, from the village of Lauli’i admits that without talent and skill, you are of little use in this world.

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PROVIDER: Setiseni Terllam of Letogo.

Single man lives to help his family

Being part of a family is not always easy. This is the opinion of Setiseni Terllam of Letogo. 

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DAILY TASK: Walking kilometres away from home to fetch water.

Living without a water supply

Tavita Maunifo is one of many people in Samoa who face an acute groundwater shortfall because the water pipes don’t reach his house. 

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Raymond Betham dwarfed by his catch.

A monster blue marlin

Day 3 of the Samoa International Game Fishing Competition saw Fr. Raymond Betham reel in a massive Blue Marlin.

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SENESE TEAM: Director of SENESE, Marie Bentin To’alepaialii, Rev Elder Mafi Oloapu with students of SENESE.

Autism Week closes for 2017

The Autism Week (aafiaga tumau o  le mafaufau)  has officially ended. The hosting organization, SENESE Samoa held a closing ceremony at SENESE Vaitele.

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BUYERS MISSION: Mr Mona Mato of Pacific Trade Investment, Australia.

Australian buyers seek Samoan products

Mona Mato, the Export Services Manager, Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Australia is  leading a buyer mission to Samoa next week. 

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Working with the National Orchestra of Samoa and students from the NUS Community Music Programme.

Music; a ladder for the soul

There are a number of pursuits that define what it means to be human. One of these is to play music and to enjoy the effects of its pervasive vibrations, an activity experienced in every culture. 

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APRIL BABIES: Happy Birthday to all the Sheraton associates with birthdays in April.

Happy 50th Birthday, Kuinivia Pita!

As part of the Sheraton’s monthly birthday luncheon, one special lady had much to celebrate.  

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READY: Paddlers and executive committee ready for Tahiti.

Paddlers set to make history for Samoa

After months of training and trials, the National Paddling Team for Samoa is almost finalised. 

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Jet Over Hotel Manager, Ms Donna Stanley with Fereti Avia and Vaela’a Iloa.

Vaela’a takes Jet Over Hotel to Siva Afi Challenge Finals

Last night was Week Seven of Samoa’s inaugural Faletalimalo Siva Afi Challenge. Jet Over Hotel Fire Knife Dancers Vaela’a Iloa and Fereti Avia brought their talents to another packed house at Ooh La La Ice Cream bar, home of the Ailao Club.

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For Year 6 numeracy, 34% of students performed at the satisfactory and expected level with 36% not yet working towards the expected level, with girls doing better than boys.

Significant differences between schools

Students attending private schools are performing better than students attending government schools in both literacy and numeracy, according to the Benchmarking for Education Results (PaBER) report which was published last year. 

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SUPPORTING THE AUTHOR: Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi, Tuitama Dr. Leao Talalelei, Hon. Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, (author) Faumuina Manu Samuelu, Rev. Lale Ieremia and Afamasaga Lepuiai Rico Tupai.

Inspired by his father’s stories

The reason for the title of the book is because it is based on our generation or the new generation not gaining any of the richness of the stories and myths or legends of Samoa because our ancestors have passed on without having the opportunity to share them with the new generation.

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Asking for some water help: Pesi Senio with her children, from the village of Siumu.

Seeking a water tank

One of the most discussed issues in Samoa is people pleading for a water supply or a tank. 

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LIVING A HAPPY LIFE: Ioane Sui Faatau with his little boy from Siumu and Afega.

Chinese shop owners are making life cheaper

There is no such thing as an easy life. Life is hard and expensive but Chinese people are helping out Samoan people.

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ALL FOR HIS ELDERLY MOTHER: Masi Lava of Vaitele – Fou.

Single man doesn’t want the stress of married life

If there is one thing that drives Masi Lava’s family, it is hard work to try and make ends meets. 

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Liva prefers a farmer’s life in Siumu Sisifo.

I like to be my own boss

Being a stay-at-home parent is a full-time job, but it doesn’t pay a full-time paycheck. 

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Minister of Finance: Sili Epa Tuioti.

Sili advocates for ‘other voices’ in tourism

The Minister of Finance, Sili Epa Tuioti believes that strengthening ties and relationships with the community is vital if we want to develop the tourist industry.

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ONE YEAR ON: Members of the Moamoa Ward.

Moamoa Ward celebrates first anniversary

Monday was a day to remember by the Alafua Ward to celebrate the one year anniversary since the new unit of Moamoa Ward was established.

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Anoama’a College with their projects for the Science Fair.

Students showcase innovative solutions

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labor in partnership with S.R.O.S. Samoa, E.I.F. and the Government of Samoa celebrated “World Intellectual Property Day in Samoa on Wednesday. 

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Think a Minute


Think a minute.In June, 1969, the countries of Honduras and El Salvador declared war against each other. Until then, these two neighboring nations in Central America had been like close cousins.


ANZAC: Lest we forget!

Today, 25 April 2017, marks 102 years since the landing of thousands of Australian and New Zealand troops on the shores of Gallipoli and the birth of the term ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps).

Between the Lines


ALL PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY It was wonderful to see instant and very positive feedback to the ‘Clash of the Colours’ promotion of the Blues-Reds rugby game on the evening of June 2 at Apia Park.

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