You can’t tax the alofa

Dear Editor, Re: Minister issues final warning Why is the government targeting church ministers? Don’t churches pay taxes and those who work in their headquarters? Alofa oe whatever they call its something that people gave to these people as a gift or love. Church ministers should pay taxes if they were paid by the church headquarter but my understanding by the look these ministers are unpaid workers they work for.

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There is no need for a Police state

Dear Editor, I write in relation to Tofaeono’s letter regarding the issue of - Arming Police to protect themselves. Arming the Police to protect themselves is the consequent logic of a Government that is becoming a Police State and is following the wisdom of worldly government.

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The difference

Re: Ex-Indian Cabinet Minister There is no doubt that there is much corruption between India’s government and the elites. This is a well-known fact. The big difference it seems though between corrupt officials in India and corrupt officials in Samoa is that in India when they are caught, they resign. On another matter, I want to say that if you lived on land for 100 years and it was gifted to you it is yours.

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The Sogi land case

Re: Take away your emotions "That kind of evidence is allowed in the Lands and Titles Court for matters to do with customary land." It applies to both if the land is located in a country that isn't considered part of the west because it’s independent. "However, for any other type of land, freehold or government land, the western law applies because those types of land are western concepts."

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Where is the P.S.A. Credit Union?

Talofa my fellow P.S.A. Credit Union members. I just want to use this forum to check with the P.S.A. President and her board members of the whereabouts of the above mentioned union is? My fortnightly premium was stopped some few weeks ago because of some doubts within me and the way the staff running the union were dealing with the money we put in.

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When you take scriptures out of context

Dear Editor, In response to your story titled “Minister issues final warning to church,” I want to point out that E.F.K.S’s hierarchy is drawn from - (1 Corinthians 12:28) “And God has appointed these in church: first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, administrations, varieties of tongues” (Colossians 1:18) “And he is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the first born from the dead, that in all things He may have the preeminence.”

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Western Samoa’s old Court House – Lest we forget

Dear Editor, The history of Samoa’s struggle for freedom was something that every “true” Samoan should learn by heart and should be very proud of. Samoa’s path to independence had hurt a lot of people and many unsung heroes even gave up their lives for the cause. The then NZ government’s colonial and militaristic approach in governing the Samoa people at the time was comparable to the apartheid era of South Africa, though to a lesser extent.

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Don’t insult them, they’re Samoans

Dear Ediotr, Re: Nanai family at Sogi Your tone is a bit brash and obnoxious, “...these guys are descended from Melanesian labourers, so they cannot argue customary land arguments...” Mr. Tokuma’s mother is Samoan. Besides, what does it matter if part of his heritage is Melanesian?

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It’s all a business model

Re: Minister issues final warning to church Samoans are no different to the Jews...they assess the laws of Roman to find ways to prosecute Jesus. Same thing here...using the Lord’s name in vain to prove the change in the law, but nope Jesus didn’t ask Samoa to make the faifeaus aofa’alupega...the Samoans did, they placed them there and now they are getting tired of seeing faifeaus well off, Tialavea is now seeking to take the money from the church to meet their Revenue targets.

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Take away your emotions

Re: I ask P.M. Tuilaepa’s Govt. to dig a hole and throw us all in there “But say for argument sake that we are to take this ruling and apply it our history, genealogies and life of Samoans in general, where does that leave us with the stories passed down from generation to generation?”

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Arming the Police to protect themselves

Dear Editor, How the dynamic of life has slowly rattling and unfolding from year to year into the fast transformation pace of weeks into days, that is before our very eyes! The fast speed of violent recurrence is almost getting us caught not able to cope with the substances that are so foreign, and were portrayed only on the big screen and television, but into actions of reality we are now experiencing.

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An open letter to E.F.K.S. Ministers

Dear E.F.K.S. Faifeaus who don’t want to pay tax, I urge you to read the Word of God, which the Holy Spirit inspired men to write for us. It is the manual for life and relevant to us for today. The God I know and have a relationship with - The God of the Bible - is Almighty, all powerful, all wise. All knowing, loving, kind, compassionate and very rich - to name a little of who He is.

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Actions, services and the mirror in the Bible

Dear Editor, As has been stated in my previous letter next to this one, I will be focusing mainly on “actions” and “services” as well as the “truth” behind actions and services on a separate discussion in the near future. This is the one that I have prepared for that purpose. The study about behavior from “words” is already discussed in the previous letter. The outcome as you have already aware about is not good.

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Ministry of Finance corrects report on Education budget

Dear Editor, I refer to the headline in the Samoa Observer on 30th May 2018, which states “Education Budget Cut, Games get $11 million” I would like to clarify that the reference to the education budget being cut is incorrect.

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Very sad and dangerous for Samoa

Dear Editor, Referring to the Chief Editor’s editorial entitled “Church’s decision is like someone putting a gun on the Government’s head” - Prime Minister Tuilaepa, can I simply say- Yes “He should know.” The problem is He doesn’t know, and the most worrying problem is He thinks He knows!

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Taxes, church and history

Re: “Church’s decision is like someone putting a gun on the Government’s head” - Prime Minister Tuilaepa. The rationale for the church not to pay taxes extend way back when Church and State were of the same entity. Now, the employees (faifeaus) of the ‘system’ has to pay taxes but the returns created by church assets which is a Corporation should never be touched because its the fundamental right granted by his ‘cousin’ the govt. for political and economical control of humanity.

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Arrogance, pride

Re: “Church’s decision is like someone putting a gun on the Government’s head” - Prime Minister Tuilaepa. Beloved Samoa --- you have lost your way and have been found wanting in the sight of the Lord. Your arrogance, pride and haughtiness are coming home to roost, and you’ll suffer the consequences of your self- righteousness.

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Sogi decision is very harsh

Dear Editor, Re: Court dismisses land claim Who is the legal counsel for the plaintiff? Why wouldn’t they have advised their client to for a start, get the land in question surveyed?

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A ridiculous claim from start to finish

Dear Editor, Re: Court dimisses Sogi land claim So are you saying that under the N.Z. administration where British common law applies, you can get arrested one week and have a trial and be sentenced to death the very next week? The whole claim from start to finish was completely ridiculous.

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Brave and courageous

Re: Minister issues final warning Well said, Minister Tialavea! It is a brave and courageous Minister to stand up to the bullying by the largest denomination in the country - the E.F.K.S. No other church in the country has objected to this law. Just the E.F.K.S.

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Budget, aid, cost of handouts

And so the Minister of Finance, Sili Epa Tuioti’s 2018/19 Budget tabled in Parliament two weeks ago was passed last night. Guided by the theme “The Right Path,” the passing of the budget will no doubt come as music to the ears of Government bodies and businesses whom the Government owes money to.

Street Talk

Ata Laban, 37

Public express views on Pacific Games 2019 logo

With a few months left for Samoa to host the Pacific Games 2019, expectations are high. In the lead up to the region’s biggest sporting event, the Pacific Games logo was unveiled on Friday evening. Our reporter, Adel Fruean asked the views of the Samoan people on the new Pacific Games logo, which people responded to.

Think a Minute

Lucky You (Part lI)

Think a minute…An army general was asked what kind of good-luck charms he carries when he goes to war. The general answered: “I don’t carry a lucky charm on my body. I carry it in my heart.”


Recognise, encourage and stimulate exports

I am honored and humbled to present the opening remarks at this very important event, the Samoa Exports Awards 2018.

Between the Lines


Banking whispers Whispers about the change of ownership for a major player in the banking industry in Samoa has been laughed off.

Sunday Reading

HONOURING THE VOLUNTEER VETS: The members of the A.P.S. board alongside the 3 volunteers at Taumesina Island Resort.

The Howler: A.P.S. says thank you

Members of the Animal Protection Society (A.P.S.) board gathered at the beautiful Taumeasina Resort for a dinner to honor the volunteer vets that came over from Australia to help conduct the clinics.

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