What they will do next

Dear Editor, Thank you for your editorial in yesterday’s Samoa Observer. I guarantee you, however, that if this government wins another term they will introduce property tax on customary lands next.

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A beautiful reminder about the real Samoa

Dear Editor, Re: Govt. should pay pastors instead This is essential Reading for a proper understanding and assessment of the E.F.K.S resolute rejection of the Government Tax Law for Church Ministers.

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What they are not saying

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa cautioned on critical trade decisions In other words, globalization is another word for legally confiscating of our rights to our land using legal deals orchestrated by the W.T.O. to benefit the stronger nations like N.Z. and Australia in the name of developing Samoa.

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Whatever E.P.C.

Dear Editor, I write today with regard to the upgraded E.P.C. supply of quality and reliable power. Some weeks ago, the Samoa Observer reported a speech by the Prime Minister on how the disbursement of WST10 million to The Tesla Company for back up batteries would ensure an uninterrupted supply of power to the long suffering public consumer.

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Hold them accountable

Re: Plastics ban I support the “Total Ban” on plastics from Styrofoam to single use plastic bags. When we look at what is plastics are and the impact on the ecosystem, we do need to worry.

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It doesn’t work

Re: Parker responds and debt Kevin Barry’s fight plans are supposedly designed to get inside the longer reach of usually taller opponents but have we ever seen that?

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Educate yourself about God’s creation

Dear Editor, Re: Evolution, Christianity and God “So God is a man in the sky with an anatomy bearing stark similarity to a chimpanzee’s”

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A victim of the warfare

Dear Editor, Re: Health in state of warfare Thank you to the Commission for your report. My husband was a victim of this war and he is still waiting for treatment six months later.

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Doesn’t make sense

Dear Editor, Re: Man who skipped the country How can this keep happening with immigration? It seems like someone working there is letting these cowards out. There has to be a top executive involved and a thorough investigation needs to be carried out.

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Leave Samoa alone

Dear Editor, Re: About the tax debate There are some things that need changes and some that don’t need changes. Samoa has its ways, which makes Samoa, Samoa. I have lived abroad for years and traveled the world and have encountered different nationalities and their way of thinking.

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Helping ourselves

Dear Editor, Re: Make it happen or stop talking nonsense Keni - you only touched on the ‘real’ issue in your final paragraphs. Why whinge about relying on NZ to help Samoa when Samoa can’t develop/manage it’s own union and push for Super rugby status themselves?

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We give our all to respect Samoa, Lord God Almighty our foundation!!

Dear Editor, With my utmost deepest regret; I write regarding the letter titled “About the tax debate between Government and the Church” signed by Mr. Bill Hamilton recently published herein this medium. How insulting! How insulting!

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A lot of nonsense

Dear Editor Re: Leave God alone, start being honest Really Mata’afa!? Please don’t tell us -your local audience that you are in support of our friend John’s notion to ‘Leave God alone’, where I see it got Vai Autu’s support.

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Say no to the ‘reasonable force’ bill

I am not writing this in a way to ruin reputations of schools and teachers nor to anger parents or the government. This is simply my opinion on the matter. What is reasonable force?

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Keep working hard

Re: Standards training hailed a success Keep working hard with the private sector; bring them up to the top notch. Private sector is very important for Samoa now as Samoa is growing their development and economy.

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Evolution, Christianity and God

Dear Editor Remember that there are many religions and that Christianity is just one; most likely invented by the Romans at the Council of Nicea in 325AD as a means to control the masses in the Eastern Empire. And this has been its role ever since, from the Crusaders to the Conquistadors to the European colonizers of Africa and elsewhere.

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The P.M. has a point about Parker

Dear Editor, Re: Prime Minister on Joseph Parker Clearly Parker is not in the league with the best, just like our rugby is a standard below the best. The major portion of the responsibility lies with him. He should’ve known he was sub-standard and pulled out of the fight instead he went on and humiliate himself and everybody.

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A lot of nonsense

Dear Editor I write in response to a letter written by John and published in your newspaper a couple of days ago in response to Molio’o Fonoti’s letter. I am with you about Fonoti’s gobbledygook letter. I’ve read it a number of times and I am still confused.

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Evolution is fairytale for people who don’t understand

Dear Editor, Re: Standing up for evolution The letter writer missed the whole reason they are looking for a “common ancestor” “missing link.” It is because the differences between chimps and humans are so extreme scientists know they could not be directly related.

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Reaping the whirlwind

Dear Editor Oh how the mighty have fallen. Just when the U.S. points the finger squarely at the Kremlin for meddling and most likely determining the outcome of the U.S. presidential election in 2016, the gremlins (no pun intended) are already working on the result of next year’s U.S. mid-term elections.

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How things might have been different if Parliament and the Government listened to Chief Auditor and O.P.C.

And so once more, the Controller and Chief Auditor, Fuimaono Camillo Afele, has made some pretty alarming discoveries in his latest report to Parliament to have been made public. The report to Parliament for the financial years 2013 and 2014 paints quite a grim picture of wrongdoing, abuse of power and misuse of taxpayers monies in the public service.

Street Talk

Faasisili Isaako, 58

Public against Government’s banana distribution decision

The decision made by Government to prioritise commercial farmers regarding the distribution of banana has received a backlash from members of the public. Our reporter, Adel Fruean asked the public about their opinion on the decision made by the Government and they responded:

Think a Minute

“Balancing Act”

Think a minute…You remember the first time you tried to ride a bike? It can be quite tricky. The bike shakes and wobbles everywhere until you finally learn how to balance your weight. Balance is important in everything.


“Se’i mai le mui’a’a; tau mai na o le pua e ulā”

There is a common Samoan saying: “Tau mai na o le pua e ulā; se’i mai le mui’a’a” – “Pick only the most fragrant of frangipani; harvest the royal roots”. It is both a directive and a gentle plea.

Between the Lines


Those parking meters A lot has been said about the Government’s move to install parking meters - good and bad.

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

The spears flew towards the youth on the hill, whistling as they cut through the air. Grinning, Queen Medb’s general drew his sword, eager to take back to his Queen the head of this warrior whom they called the Hound of Ulster. He had no doubt his spears would find their mark.

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