Head of State addresses American Samoa

We thank God for this beautiful day whereupon we have come to celebrate a historic moment in remembrance and prayer.

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Of turkey tails, Samoans, and how culture imbues food

Not long after World War II, US poultry firms began dumping turkey tails, along with chicken backs, into markets in Samoa. (Not to single out the United States, New Zealand and Australia are on record for having done the same thing with mutton flaps – sheep bellies – to the peoples of the Pacific Islands.)

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May your own tears reach the sea

The blue coral light of the Lalomanu Sea occupies my soul like a rose takes over the graves and their loneliness. I am swamped with the love of the ocean that broke me.

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How should we celebrate the day after Easter?

Every Easter should be about new beginnings of joy.

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What real love looks like

Inhaling the cool breeze, I stood at the top of the mountain taking in the enchanting and hypnotizing view laid there; like an antique in a museum –desirable and enviable.

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Lupesina Koro

Pacific students boosted in Sciences

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples is honouring talented and hardworking Pacific STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) students with the Toloa Tertiary Scholarship Awards’ celebration today.

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Future of Health: A Call for Leadership from the Western Pacific Region

With the election of the next Director General of the World Health Organization taking place in Geneva next month, member states across the Pacific have a unique opportunity to determine how healthcare will be governed for the next five years.

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God is good, Jesus Christ I doubt

The Easter holiday celebrations bring out the best in us, indigenous tagata Samoa.

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Taxes, death and the clergy

Taxes and death are said to be two things us humans cannot avoid in life.

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FOUNDER OF Y.M.C.A in Samoa: Tagaloa Fa’atautele Dennis John Oliver.

Farewell Tagaloa Fa’atautele Oliver! 13 August 1932 - 22 March 2017

In 2012, Dad wrote the last of his four published books, it was the story of his life and was called “Making A Difference”.

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You’re not forgotten

I hate this feeling Where I can’t cry when I’m sad

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Literally Literacy

There is nothing better than the smell of a good book. Opening up its pages and inhaling the pleasant aroma imbedded into the paper may be an oddity for most, but for us bookworms there is no greater smell.

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Brexit and the U.K. in Samoa

I am delighted to be making my sixth visit to Samoa. I am looking forward to speaking to my good friends in the Government, from across the country and from across Samoan society.

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It is not only the mother’s responsibility to look after the children

Laughter fills the air; love strengthens relationships while hugs and kisses display commitments.

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The VBS Daily Post

Exploring the dark sea

On the 16th February, a federal organisation ship called the NOAA (National Oceanic Atmosphere And Administration) called into Samoa.

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VBS Herald

The creative mind of a teacher

Annie Meredith, a 41 year old although she pretends she is 33, has been a proud educated teacher and taught at over 10 schools throughout her career.

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The Vaiala Star

Are more computers needed?

Over half of the students at Vaiala Beach School want a computer room. “Just think about it,” one of the students expressed, “we can use it for researching, and typing up stuff but not use it for playing games and other silly stuff.”

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The Girl behind the Book

The girl behind the book, otherwise known as Aomalu Elia. An eleven year old bookworm soon to turn twelve on the tenth of August, she is in Year 8 and has attended Vaiala Beach School since Year 4.

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Fake news vs Real news

Did you know 48% of people get their news off Facebook?

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Chief Justice welcomes new Judge

Lau Susuga ile Taitai o le Sauniga, lau Susuga Patele Etuale Etuale,

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Aid, contradictions and conflicts of interest

Think about this for a minute. Without aid and hand outs from all corners of the world, where will Samoa be today? What are we to do when aid stops?

Letters to the Editor

Thank you so much, Japan!

Dear Editor, Domo arigatou gozaimasu I live in the Tanoaleia/Vaivaseuta area and water quality used to be a big problem. A 25 micron fibre filter will clog with sediment and sludge with ‘clean’ water running, in one week.

Street Talk

Ruta, 45

What changes in the police ministry are needed?

The Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil has finally returned to work following a long suspension and an appearance in court. Now that he’s resumed his position, Sina Filifilia Sevaaetasi hit the streets of Apia asking the question “Is there a need to have changes in the police force?”

Think a Minute

Success is mostly failure

Think a minute…A successful man said: “Success is mostly about failing.” What we don’t know about the world’s most successful people is the many times they failed before they finally succeeded.

Between the Lines


The righteous thing The Ministry of Revenue is not the most popular of government Ministries right now. That’s for sure.

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

The fire burnt low in the hearth but the servant women made no move to add fuel to it.

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