Make it easy for tourists, Samoa

Dear Editor Re: Aura of reality on the wall I would say, as an extended-tourist who spent six months in Samoa, there are plenty of amazing, life-altering things to do in Samoa, yet little-to-no adequate marketing / advertising [at a Global standard] of viable options to tourists, from those who fly in to those who dock for a day.

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It’s familyocracy

Dear Editor Re: The man of the moment, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi! With all due respect, it may be a case of accepting the failure of democracy in Samoa, in favour of a system that is not quite a dictatorship but an autocracy based on our own traditional model of the role and attainment of influence, through titles and property and the political power therein.

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Stop this verbal diarrhea

Dear Editor, Re: I’m worried about Siumu What a load of rubbish from this man Tofaeono Joe Hollywood Tino’ai. The foreign investors have nothing to do with scholarships or immigration.

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The difference in treatment

Dear Editor, Re: Angry resident slams E.P.C. Here is one of many reasons why foreign-owned business are thriving while a Samoan owned business is lacking progress.

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Wasting taxpayers’ money

Dear Editor, I remember that some time ago, the current Minister of Finance Sili Epa Tuioti had promised to put in place a policy in control of the abuse or misuse of government vehicles. At the time, I welcomed the decision.

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Like a kids argument

Dear Editor, Re: Why we should pay for the foreign debt PS Jeffrey, your argument is like an argument of a child who is just starting kindergarten.

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Do we really need all this?

Dear Editor Re: The man of the moment, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi! To be honest as I’ve read and gone through pieces of editorial from your paper from time to time, I believe that the HRPP is depriving the Samoan people of everything!

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The other side of the story

Re: Hunt for international fugitive A lot of people commented about this escaped prisoner turned international fugitive, Valufitu Fiu Uolilo, but we’re yet to hear his side of the story.

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Time to get rid of N.P.O.

Dear Editor, Re: N.P.O Tribunal Is this Tribunal modeled after the Hague Tribunal where the international criminals are prosecuted? This is getting very interesting to comprehend the complexity of how the govt. conduct its internal affairs through its inter locking bureaucratic system.

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The value of a devalued tala

Dear Editor, Re: The consequences of debt A devalued Tala can have some positive spinoffs. 1 - It makes it more affordable for tourists (the second highest income earner after repatriation of overseas funds)

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I find the S.N.P.F.’s response unacceptable

Dear Editor, Congratulations and well done, King W, for your informative enquiry into the properties belonging to all N.P.F contributors, supposedly to be managed by N.P.F in a fair and just system for all members and not for only a few elite.

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Stop these bans, it’s not who we are

Dear Editor, Re: Siumu ban The decision by Siumu and Salelologa to ban foreign-owned businesses is a sad state of affairs for our country. We are ignoring the great history of our Island Nation if the government allows this to stand.

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Those standards

Re: Whose standards are we talking about? Given that Samoa’s legal system is derived from the New Zealand legal system and most of the original criminal laws in Samoa are almost exact carbon copies of the laws in New Zealand...

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At what cost

Re: Siumu puts stop to foreign-owned businesses I agree with the alii and faipule of siumu. And they have every right to be concerned.

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Spreading the prevention methods about AIDS

Dear Editor, Every time I watch TV scrolling up and down for a favorite programme to watch from the 6 or so local TV stations, I have noticed with disappointment that for the last two months until just 2 minutes ago...

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Whose standards are we talking about?

Dear Editor, Re: Are we wrong or does this government just loves wasting money? This is the consecutive editorial championing the decision by the overseas prosecutor not to proceed with prosecution of the Police Commissioner.

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Is this legal?

Re: On Salelologa’s decision Anyone who knows anything about Samoa should know that there is no way that anybody can just come into a village and set up a shop.

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Sad for champion Ele

Re: Ele’s treatment is story of Samoa today Our country’s leadership team has taken advantage of our talented athletes of both genders. Our athletic brothers and sister have always played their hearts out in the name of God, country, and family which is also called Pride.

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I’m worried about Siumu

Dear Editor, Re: Siumu stops foreign owned shops I’m starting to get worried now that foreign countries might turn around and start banning all scholarship students from my dear village Siumu from studying in foreign lands.

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Cleaning garbage on top of the list

Dear Editor, Re: Clean up Samoa first Having just attended an S.T.A. forum yesterday, I can attest that waste management is on the top of the list of things to do for everyone in the tourism industry.

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While brainstorming sessions are no doubt a more focused and recognised way of coming up with ideas, there’s a lot to be said for casual, meandering conversations over coffee as well.

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Ele deserves money from Samoa

Samoa’s Olympic medalist, Ele Opeloge, is unlikely to earn a lot of money – if any – from the government for her efforts. Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi’s insists the government only awards monetary gifts to Olympic gold medal winners.

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WHAT A TEASER! If the Samoa Rugby Union needed some publicity for the upcoming game to be held at Apia Park later in the year, the Auckland Blues rugby side gave it to them by defeating the Melbourne Rebels 56-18 on Thursday night.

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