Don’t stuff it up

Re: Opportunities overseas Yes, there are opportunities abroad to investigate including in NZ and it’s a way safer and fairer environment without corruption for the family unit to all prosper.

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The government should stay out

Dear Editor, Re: Seasonal workers. Is this something that the Government departments need to be involved in? My personal view is NO. There should be a demarcation here of responsibilities between government departments and the private sector.

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The real issue at heart

Dear Editor, Vai Autu, I’m not trying to argue with you here but rather debate. I’m happy you see your island as a paradise and that you called on Tagaloa for peace. Unfortunately statistics and stories suggest that all people may not see the paradise that you see.

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Don’t believe everything about America

Dear Editor, Re: North Korea and America How many nukes does America have, and how many military bases do they have on North Korea’s back doorstep? Don’t accept the racist and hypocritical American view of the world.

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Don’t give up customary land fight

Dear Editor, Re: Govt. accused over customary land fight These Matai are the real leaders of Samoa. The ABD is not the only institution that cannot look at land and only see how much value it has as a commodity. My European people are all like that.

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What a joke

Dear Editor, Re: A positive development for Samoa It’s amusing that the P.M. is encouraging these hybrid vehicles for Samoa seeing that they run on electricity.

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Open your eyes and see the truth

Dear Editor I write in response to Vai Autu’s letter titled “Stop reading about Samoa then” published in your newspaper yesterday. Mr. Autu, freedom of speech dictates that anyone anywhere in the world can comment on your country and if the editor of the Samoa Observer decides to print it and you don’t like it, too bad for you.

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Another root cause of crime in Samoa

Dear Editor It is very sad to notice the escalating increase in crime activities in Samoa. Sociologists argue and try to explain of many different causes of why some people impose deviant behaviours on others.

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Pleasure to read from a thinking man

Dear Editor Re: When you reject the truth Hello Leituala Roger. Again it’s always refreshing to read the mind of a thinking man. We’ve educated ourselves to the point of stupidity, sadly without knowing. As said, the truth is in the ‘eye of the beholder.’

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Follow Amoa’s example

Dear Editor Re: Acting P.M. issues water challenge Thank you Acting P.M. for your water wise encouragement. I am a tourist from Canberra Australia and have been here ocean swimming with Samoa Events led by Seti Afoa. Over the 2 weeks our group has numbered over 100.

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My heart aches

Dear Editor Re: U.N. family to relocate Is this a joke? Our government just gave up a large infrastructure that was paid for by the People of Samoa to an Organization that leaches on small nations. The government just gave it to them at no cost.

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Meeting to talk about the meeting

Dear Editor Re: Water conference in Samoa It’s getting tiring and sickening to keep holding these conferences and discuss issues for the sake of discussions and keep setting goals after goals, and set goals after goals

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Obesity a sickness of the heart

Dear Editor I travel a lot and that is why I am critical of public services we have ie our Airport at Faleolo, the taxis and public transportation etc.. Most of the time what I read of here at home is through the online Observer which at least keep feet to the ground on the happenings of home.

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Stop reading about Samoa then

Dear Editor I write in response to Larry Murphy’s letter. My friends at the makeki are devastated by this thoughtful and insightful assessment of Samoa. NOT. This tripe is absolutely fascinating and absorbing.

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A positive development for Samoa

Dear Editor The Prime Minister’s push for hybrid vehicles is a very positive push not only for the environment but more so for the wallet of the nation. It reduces the cost of importing fuel, and anything that helps reduce the strain on foreign currency spending, I need to support.

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Such an embarrassment

Dear Editor I am really saddened by the new logo for Samoa’s new national airline which was revealed yesterday online. This logo is going to adorn our planes and represent our country internationally now, and into the future.

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Are you serious? Really?

Dear Editor I have watched and listened with interest the developments of our national airline, and in most cases have had to bite my tongue and see what comes. But when this junk logo came out today I just can’t hold back now.

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Bravo Justice Nelson!

Dear Editor Re: Justice slams man over rape of intellectually disabled woman It was such pleasure reading Justice Nelson’s reasoning and considerations on this case.

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Make them duty free

Dear Editor Re: P.M. on hybrid vehicles If he really wants to encourage this why not make Hybrids duty-free? There are plenty of Nissan Leafs (full electric) and Toyota Prius (Hybrid) available for import from Japan.

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Grow up good people

Dear Editor Re: You’re welcome to leave C’mon people! Let’s all just try to get along. Make love! Not war!! And all that kinda stuff! No more of this infantile s*** -slinging that you’d expect from a pre-teen school playground.

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Safety and protection is better than sorry

Put it this way. The rain is a blessing for many families featured in the Village Voice who do not have access to running water. So that during the past two days, they would’ve welcomed the precious onslaught of heaven’s gift to mankind with the sky opening up for a much-welcomed downpour.

Street Talk

Tai Faapito, 26

Do you support Moata’a’s decision?

The village of Moata’a is standing by its decision to ban a Chinese man from operating a store in their village. Village paramount chief, Asi Semisi Blakelock, said they will not change their village foundation which prohibits outsiders from running shops there. What do you think? Lizzy Hunt had a chance to interview a few people for today’s Street Talk and this is what they said.

Think a Minute

Life’s surprises

Think a minute…Remember Christopher Columbus? The bold explorer from Europe who intended to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to find Asia but failed. Well, he didn’t fail completely.


The foreword of Palemia; A Memoir*

Early in 2015, Dr Peter Swain paid me a courtesy visit at my office.

Between the Lines


LATER! So the new Tanumalala Prison will be finished in about July next year? Correct us if we’re wrong, but did we not hear our Prime Minister inviting a certain 60 Minutes reporter, Liam Bartlett to the opening of the new prison in June this year?

Sunday Reading

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY: B.B.L. Winners for fathers day promotion with B.B.L. Staff.

Bluebird celebrates Father’s Day

Seven lucky dads celebrated father’s day with Bluebirds Father’s Day Promotion Prize Giving held last week Friday.

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