Good luck

Re: Trump deserves a chance Obviously you’re ok with giving a misogynist, racist, egomaniac a chance at leading what is now the most deeply divided nation?

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Lots of good points

Re: Do Samoans really need new cars? There are a lot of good points in this piece. New cars need the correct equipment to programme and diagnose problems and the technicians (not mechanics any more because of the level of skill required) need to be trained to use them correctly.

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The truth about religions

Re: Father, daughter and stigmata Religion like culture is the social fabric of any society. That’s why the controllers of the world used religion as a geo-political instrument for their own benefit.

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The poor state of health services

Dear Editor, Re: Father blasts hospital policy While our M.Ps send themselves and their wives to overseas to give birth to their babies and receive first class treatment in flashy hospitals at the expense of the taxpayers, our very own Samoan mothers and children are being treated like dogs in this hospital.

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Blame it on the rain? Yeah Yeah

Dear Editor Re: Use of Police vehicle questioned This Police Toyota Truck was received as part of Australia’s Aid and paid for by the Australian taxpayers. Now the police have abused this vehicle for personal use the day it arrived.

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Jail, help and spraying needed

Dear Editor Re: Hiking warning for women and females This is awful. How is tourism ever going to take hold in Samoa with rapes, child beggars, high cost for food and accommodations, third rate service to name some of the problems?

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Success equals positive, poor equals negative

Dear Editor Re: Wasted millions on bad roads F for Failure If you think of successful leadership as an equation because you obtain a positive result, then poor leadership is like an equation with a negative result.

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No movement in economy for Samoa

Dear Editor Re: Government urged to stay in their lane I hope so. He is doing nothing to move his country ahead.

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SECURITY FOOTAGE: A part of the film clip referred to in the letter.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor After almost six years living in Samoa, I have at one time or another been a victim of theft and have had many accounts relayed to me from friends regarding their experiences first hand with theft, more times than I care to remember!

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Reinstate him

Re: Justice at last for Rev. Afereti I’m glad you’re not angry at the church Rev. I can also tell from your comment you haven’t exactly let them off the hook either. You will always have the option of suing these guys for what they’ve done to you and the hurt they’ve caused your family.

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Time to teach them a lesson

Dear Editor, Nikolao thought about the apathy in Samoa and realised that the answer was in plain view. When Samoa had been threatened by war in the past it was the aumaga the young men who had been vigorous to defend the ancestors and the unborn.

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Learn to say thank you

Dear Editor, Re: P.M understands business quite well Whilst you’re swimming around in that beautiful sea of facts, I wish to also jump in and join you in the enabling environment that was created from 2000 onwards which resulted in this massive growth in Tourism.

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Spoken like a true yes man

Dear Editor, Interesting comments from Tuala Ah Him. Spoken like a true “yes man” for the PM!

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You can’t serve two masters

Dear Editor, Re: Blame the parents Is “scheming” part of the curriculum teacher? Ok my friend (not my real friend),if “development starts at home” Pedro...

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Toa, your father is a good man

Dear Editor, Re: Father risks being stood down from church Toa your father sounds like a good sincere man.

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After all these years

Re: PM understands businesses quite well Credit should go to the private sector for persisting with woeful government policies, it’s people like the Greys with credible reputations that are bringing tourists and foreign investment into the country.

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How can you tax people who are already so poor?

Dear Editor, M.P. Tialavea, how dare you consider raising revenue from the people after what the H.R.P.P has done for Samoa?

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The real problem with our roads

Dear Editor, Thank you Mr. Editor for continuing to raise this issue about the roads. The road problem here in Samoa is not a new issue under H.R.P.P and PM Tuilaepa’s leadership.

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Question of quality vs quantity

Re: Millions wasted on bad roads The World Bank funds all the roads that don’t fall apart in the wet weather. The best roads in Samoa are funded by the World Bank eg: the 4 lane vaitele arterial.

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For the love of Stui

Re: P.M. understands businesses well I wonder how much of the tourism growth can be directly attributed to Stui’s administration? This is a classic example of the workings of the cause and effect principle!

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The scourge of theft and dishonesty in church-going Samoa

On page 14 of yesterday’s newspaper is a piece that should alarm us all. In fact reading Tony’s heartfelt plea for Samoa to start openly discussing the issues of petty theft and outright dishonesty among our population reminds us about what we’ve been saying for a long time now.

Street Talk

Do you support the church’s decision?

The father of a woman who claims to be carrying the marks of Jesus Christ’s suffering has been stripped of his roles by the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (C.C.C.S). Reverend Opapo So’ana’i, who currently looks after the Siufaga C.C.C.S parish, confirmed the decision during an interview with the Sunday Samoan. What do you think about the decision? Misiona Simo asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what people said:

Think a Minute

Getting in focus

Think a minute…Ever feel like you are running in all directions but “getting nowhere fast”? After working long, hard days you still feel like you’ve got little to show for it. It is easy to “major on minors” and spend our time on so many unimportant things that our life becomes a game of “trivial pursuit”.



We’re in a hospital going around touch the ground

Between the Lines


So the entry point for English for aspiring teachers at N.U.S.has gone UP to 50% for 2017? What?

Sunday Reading

Myths, legends of ancient world - The Dream

The trees towered over her, their leaves rustling in hushed tones far above. She looked down at the bow in her hand, and realized that there was a quiver of arrows strapped to her back and a dagger in a golden sheath at her waist.

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