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Re: Why it is problematic to put the Trinity in our Constitution

This might sound odd for some people to comprehend but the trinity is the metaphysical aspect of what God is. 

The one in all, and all in one, the spiritual manifestation of what God is. All forms of life or matter is attributed to the atomic form of light, hence the scriptures talks about God being the light of the world. 

The Egyptians knew that all is ‘Aten’, Adonis in Creek, Adam in English, etc are the representation of the word Atom. The God particle which is the ATOM, the uncuttable, is the trinity that is described in the bible. Why? 

The ‘A’ stands for Alpha + ‘OM’ stands for Omega, as it says in the bible, “I’m the Alpha and the Omega.” Therefore the atom have three components; protons, neutrons, and electrons, which creates the trinity. Without this one unit, nothing ever existed in this world. The literary writings in the bible was well written in allegories and metaphoric form, to illustrate a deeper meaning of a principle pact with esoteric wisdom and knowledge that was heavily influenced by the ancient Egyptians with the likes of great philosophers; Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, etc.


Leituala Roger B.

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