The Govt. and debts

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Dear Editor,

Re: Govt. signs grant with Japan

Samoa has joined the international community of operating on aikalafu (debt). There was never a time they came up with budget surplus.

The govt. secured grants like these for infrastructure in the past, and there was much improvement made on roading projects to inland areas across the two main islands, to encourage subsistence and commercial agriculture.

But then with not much investment being channeled into border protection, it was no sooner the deadly attack came from outside on one of the main revenue earning source of the country - her export produce.

In came the coconut rhinoceros epidemic and copra got the hit; then the worm-disease found her way onto our banana plantations; couple of years later, the alien plight - the taro fungus arrived; soon after, the African snail found her way through and devastated any plant that has lush green leaves.

None of these infrastructure funding grants really did help generate profitability - at the local level, let alone that at national.

And with many families fortunate enough to receive offshore remittances, materialistic technologies and vehicles from the ever impoverished relations overseas, youths have now grown up with feelings of entitlement and care free behaviour.

Roading, electricity and even water have reached these inland areas, but youths aren’t using these investments wisely by developing land for alternative agricultural produces to help families - if they have no jobs.

The village council should be strengthened with social and economical development at local level, and participate in making these aikalafu worth their value.


Ropati V.

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