Be proactive and stay alert

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Re: We could’ve been better prepared  

To be honest, this is why people live in Samoa must cleanup their properties constantly all year round. To eliminate problems like this one. 

Even creeks and rivers so the water can flow freely where they are suppose to go through. 

Build a strong water tunnels underneath the main roads around Samoa. 

And probably is the only free space available to build such infrastructure. So the water can flow through away from businesses and housing areas, especially Apia town and villages that easily flood during any tropical hurricanes and cyclones.

Events like these can teach everyone in Samoa on how to rethink the better way to help ease the trouble people face, when mother nature do her thing in Samoa. Another best way for families in Samoa is, when you build your house raise the foundation higher and accordingly to the flood level in previous floods. 

That way you know what to expect and monitor it during the tropical storms. 

Be proactive and be alert at all time. 

You do your part and government and leaders do their part. You can’t just depend on the government all the time; you have to use your own heads to get you out of trouble times. 

People, work together is a way to prevent situation from getting worse. I must say. How many times Samoa have these kind of tropical storms? 

Many. many times, it is part of life and people must adjust their lifestyles to it. Don’t ignore it until major problems occur. 

Be alert, be smart and be proactive and you are going to be okay in Samoa. And when the storm is over get out there and start cleaning up. 

Have everyone in your village, business owners, government agencies that work on these situation, clean up the mess Mother Nature leaves for human beings to clean up. This is not new news to me at all. 

It is part of people’s life that choose Samoa their home. 

Get to work now people, even Samoa Observer, get out there and start helping to cleanup the mess Mother Nature leaves for Samoa. And it is your home as well.


Moaga Nuusa 

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