A pathetic practice

Dear Editor, Re: Airport emergency drill While you are at drills Mr. Manager of S.A.A, invent a drill to remove that stupid security officer who stands at the door of the departure lounge writing down every serial number of every boarding pass of every passenger that goes through.

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Rules, regulations and the church

Dear Editor, Re: In response to sex scandals and the Catholic church I’m a little confused. The title is: “In response to sex scandals and the Catholic church,” but I didn’t read anything addressing that horrific issue.

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A funeral announcement

Dear Editor, It is with deep regret and sympathy that we wish to announce the passing away by natural cause and defenseless response in broad daylight last Saturday 15th July 2017 at about 4pm of the MANU SAMOA RUGBY TEAM at their own home Apia Park in the presence of the following Laui’a’s of the sport of rugby.

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Denial is the problem

Dear Editor Re: Everyone needs help when it comes to mental toughness Mental toughness is an individual accomplishment which is heavily cultivated by it’s surroundings or it’s environment.

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There’s a time for everything

Dear Editor, Re: The P.M’s term There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:.. a time to be born and a time to die, Our mothers are our doors to Earth Our graves are our doors back to Heaven.

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Parliament and the Head of State

Dear Editor Re: Different strokes for different folks Let me explain a few things. 1. Only Parliament can decide who the Head of State is. This has been in the Constitution since 1960.

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H.R.P.P. is not the “pule” of Sāmoa

Dear Editor Please kindly refer to Mataafa Keni Lesa’s editorial dated 19 July 2017 headed “Different strokes for different folks” I just wish to add and say: • The H.R.P.P. is not Sāmoa nor the Pule of the People of Sāmoa nor the Pule of the Government of Sāmoa.

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The political option, the power of God and the Head of State

Dear Editor, The Prime Minister’s claim that there is nothing in the Bible prohibits the taxing of pastors is absolutely wrong. That wrong claim is a warning sign for our country because it is not a sign of success. The Prime Minister’s claim is based on his preferences because of his concern about his political affairs.

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The dictator of Samoa

Dear Editor Re: Term for P.M. The P.M. will not give up his reign as the Dictator of Samoa. The world knows him as the P.M. but in his head, he is the Dictator of our Island Nation. Here is my advice to the P.M. Having terms limits to any office is healthy and it’s great for progress.

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The sun will certainly rise again for the Manu

Dear Editor Re: All is not lost That you Mata’afa for your editorial. What we have to realise is that rugby is a sport, first and foremost. And like any other sport, rugby goes in cycles. It is our turn to be at the bottom of the cycle just like Fiji and Tonga were.

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Shut the S.R.U and save millions

Dear Fiapa’i Kalahari, Dear Editor, This failed organization called the Samoa Rugby Union needs to shutdown. That will save millions of dollars on something else. We can’t just let the large chairman run everything in both the government and S.R.U. Both entities are failing.

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Rugby result reflects Samoa today

Dear Fiapa’i Kalahari, Re: Fiji beats Samoa That was a thrashing we haven’t seen in a long time not counting NZ and Australia. We are now firmly established at the bottom of the barrel in the Pacific rugby and sadly will continue to fall.

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Seek compassion in your heart, Kalahari!

Dear Fiapa’i Kalahari, Re: letter to the Editor, ‘Have some compassion’ In your letter to the Editor, you state that Samoa Water Authority (SWA) has led you — and most likely, everyone else residing on Amosā Road — to believe that Pita Ah Mu is responsible for the lack of access to water beyond his property, as a result of the delay in water pipes being laid.

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Is he a god that the P.M.’s position cannot be discussed?

Dear Editor I write in reference to the Samoa Observer’s front-page article on Monday 17 July 2017. Why is “my appointment” as per Tuilaepa’s not up for discussion, is it because he is God and he does not allow the Parliament or People of the Independent State of Sāmoa to discuss/talk about/on it to become law as is now in the air for the Head of State position?

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Provide schools with resources

Dear Editor Re: Increase in church offerings In this day and age, my friends at the makeki are puzzled by the lack of significant outcomes from all this money going into the Methodist church.

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Samoa on the right path

Dear Editor Re: Virgin’s application I totally agree with the P.M. about his decision to end a partnership with Virgin Airlines.

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Get out of the way

Dear Editor Re: Virgin and govt. Limit Competition and you kill the goose that lays the Golden Egg. You want people employed you open the country to fair competition. That’s includes everything.

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The more the better

Dear Editor Re: Virgin Samoa The more competition the better. I am rather surprised about the tone of Stui’s response to the Virgin Australia’s intentions. Being a smart economist that he is, he should welcome Virgin’s actions as bringing more competition to the Samoan aviation market.

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A view about politics, sports and Samoa

Dear Editor, Allow me to differentiate politics and politicised. Then I will use the word politics synonymously with the word politicised. Politics is defined as the process of making decisions while politicised is when politics become a monster in steroid or used in the different context because it only aims to obliterate anything and everything in its path.

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In response to sex scandals and the Catholic church

Dear Editor Interesting to read of Tuu’u M.A.L.M.T.P.M. and his Bahamian friend Max on his Column headed ‘Sex scandals and the Catholic Church’, Samoa Observer (SO) 02 July 2017 issue even though they seem to start their conversation by going at each other’s throat.

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What dictatorship? Samoa is a democracy!

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi’s decision to clarify claims that he runs the H.R.P.P government like a one-man band is reassuring.

Street Talk

Tina Vaipua

Should the P.M.’s term be limited?

Do you think there should be a limit on the number of terms for the Prime Minister? The question has surfaced following the government’s decision to change the Head of State after two terms in office. Deidre Fanene asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what people said:

Think a Minute

Your secret weapon

Think a minute…Years ago a woman was awarded the Medal of Freedom, the highest honor an American civilian can receive. This was all the more amazing since she was not even an American! Mrs. Josefina Guerrero was from the Philippines, where she became known simply as Joey.


Living with ghosts

A good friend, smart also, once told me I live with ghosts. By ghosts he was referring to my childhood days.

Between the Lines

Between The Lines

7 QUESTIONS THAT ARE KEEPING US AWAKE 1. So come July 26, the day after the current Tui Atua is no longer the Head of State, is he still His Highness? 2. After being addressed as His Highness for 10 years, what new honorific if any, will he be known by?

Sunday Reading

WATER POWER TOP-UP INITIATIVE: The Prime Minister's response confirms that the government will keep the best interest of the country and may revisit the initiative.

Govt. receptive to Water Power System

Government has taken on board suggestions for a Water Power top-up initiative identical to the Cash Power top-up for electricity.

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