Go Samoa First Party!

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Dear Editor,

Re: Unasa heads Party 

Time for a new government in Samoa. 

The S.F.P.P. led by a woman is the change Samoa is needing. 

Go Iuni Go!!!! 

You’ve already achieved so much with the S.S.I.G. to help educate people about losing their customary lands. Now you can be the government to make sure it doesn’t happen. 

If the H.R.P.P. wins another term they will start by imposing property tax on customary lands and people will surely lose their lands. 

Samoa and the average Samoan people need you before this government squanders everything the people have, in their obsession under the leadership of Tuilaepa, with developing Apia. 

Most people of Samoa will never have access to all the luxury Apia will be offering anyway, because the government refuses to address the growing wealth inequality, so who is all this development really for. 

Certainly not the majority of Samoans living in Samoa.


Wendy Wonder 

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