Freedom and equality

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Dear Editor,

Re: Please read history

Concerning the Americans and what they did to the natives of the land as well as Australians to the indigenous, well that page of history is long gone! It determines where we stand today and a lesson to us all. Those wounds have been long stitched.

As a human being who grew up without knowing what really happened in those dark days, except through reading, I don’t have to reopen or read history to get a glimpse of what happened in those times. 

For history can be tampered or written according to ones favor whether it was the truth or otherwise. 

However, what I do believe in, is the fact that West Papua is fighting for Independence.

Yes brother “People are created equal by God, but freedom wise that’s another story. 

Of course we made a lot of mistakes in the past, but the issue is not in the past it is today, and it only takes a stroke of a pen for my Pacific brothers and sisters to realize that notion or give them freedom to express themselves without fear of a smoking barrel.


Toby Parat

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