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A HELPING HAND: C.C.C.S Pulega Falealili’s donation

A HELPING HAND: C.C.C.S Pulega Falealili’s donation

The wives of four C.C.C.S Reverends for the Pulega Falealili visited the S.V.S.G’s office yesterday to present an assorted donation of bulk food supplies and clothing for the children under the Group’s care.  

The Reverends’ wives were led by Rev. Elder Tunumoso Iosia’s faletua, Susana Iosia of the C.C.C.S Sapo’e.

The Pulega Falealili comprises of twelve parishes and the donation was put together by the reverends’ wives from these churches.  

The helping hand initiative was put forward to the C.C.C.S Pulega Falealili by Susana Iosia, following a weekly prayer meeting of the S.V.S.G staff where Susana was the invited as speaker.

The coming on board of the C.C.C.S Pulega Falealili to lend a helping hand is a welcome support for the daily caring of the children.  

“These are Samoa’s children, and the C.C.C.S Pulega Falealili’s donation contributes to our collective responsibility to provide for the children’s daily needs,” Susana Iosia said.

The donation included bags of taro and bananas, cartons of chicken and corned beef, bags of rice, cartons of noodles and biscuits, and rolls of materials for the children’s clothing.  It is a huge support towards the children’s food supplies over the next couple of weeks.

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