A game of brinkmanship

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Dear Editor,

Re: Samoa just cannot win 

I love Mr. Big Brain Stui’s negotiation style; when First Solar asks to maintain the terms of an enforceable contract, he calls the company greedy. 

I guess that is the most appropriate response from the king of the laui’as. Unfortunately this response is not going to float against the big boys from overseas.

What is that saying about fooling some people some of the time but can’t fool all the people all the time - something along those lines. 

SIS’s investment decisions were based on $0.33 FiT and I suspect anything lesser than that ($0.15) would have made the investment uneconomical - simple really. And you either have a contract based on that return or you don’t. 

If there is a contract, however that was formulated, then the Samoan government can’t go back and change the terms to suit itself, irrespective of what the Regulator wants or wishes. 

You can shut the gate but the horse has already bolted.

All this kerfuffle sounds like brinksmanship to me. It is going to be interesting to see which laui’a blinks first.


Vai Autu

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