They are only anecdotes and stories

Dear Editor, About the Samoa Airways debate, the P.M. is right about one thing, it is too early to tell the true state of financial affairs within Samoan Airways. Much has been said about passenger loadings, etc, etc but until the full financial statements are available after the end of the financial year, these are anecdotes and stories.

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Where are your spin doctors? Get them to do some work

Dear Editor, Re: I’m getting old, P.M. says Our Supreme leader has stated before that China only requires our vote in the UN and in return his H.R.P.P. government is granted concessional loans.

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How it works in Samoa today

Dear Editor, Re: Doctors row brewing In other countries, doctors are paid the highest public funded salaries but in Samoa H.R.P.P. M.Ps are paid the highest public funded salaries and they keep giving themselves bigger raises to go along with those money-stuffed envelopes that certain people keep giving them.

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Distorting the truth

Dear Editor, Re: Government, taxes and the church “As set out in my last piece on “Taxes, the Clergy and Government,” the institution of government is God ordained.” What a whopper! God did not ordain, sanction or approve of human government, which is to say humans ruling humans by force, violence and coercion.

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Not very wise

Dear Editor Re: Landing fees waiver A clear case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Instead of the Airline paying to use the Airport, transfer the loss to the S.A.A. and set a dangerous precedent for other (Chinese) airlines being enticed to stop here.

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Samoa Airways need to be innovative, new ideas

Dear Editor, I refer to your recent article and also the other letter to editors regarding Samoa Airways. It was the right move for Samoa to back its own national carrier, the timing was right and we need a change for our people – it was too expensive to fly here and no tourist would come here.

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The real issue is debt

Dear Editor, Re: Stupid, P.M. slams report We all want to take pride in our airline but I’m a realist not an idealist. The numbers doesn’t add up if you factor in all the costs associated with running the airline.

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They must know something we don’t

Dear Editor, Re: Stupid, P.M. slams Airline report As they were operating in November, they have to put in a company tax return by the end of this month for 2017. Since when has the P.M. been an experienced business manager? Certainly not in the past 20 years...

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Wake up to what is happening

Re: Salaries row brewing Samoa ala mai. Do you guys see the pattern here? 1st ... Samoa govt. taxed the faifeau. 2nd... mandatory voting.

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Rugby World Cup so mind-numbingly predictable

Dear Editor, The Rugby World Cup features twenty teams in a quadrennial battle for global supremacy, the ninth installment scheduled for Japan next year, but don’t expect too many surprises from an event which almost invariably goes according to the script.

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Reaping what you sow

Re: Stupid, P.M. slams Samoa Airways report If the P.M. had a history of transparency, and accountability and good governance then people, who are far from stupid, would also be able to determine whether the airline is doing well even during months of losses.

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We will be lost

Re: Chaos within individual families The main target for government is to hinder and destroy the fa’asamoa by destroying the very essence of its soul and foundation and that is The Matai System. We lose the matai system we lose the fa’asamoa, we lose the land because of it’s connection to the matai titles.

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Treasure what we have

Dear Editor Re: About the Government’s response to the issue of customary lands. Part II I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this informative letter with great appreciation that the wisdom of our forefathers has not been all lost.

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Egos and the struggles of Samoa Airways

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to your article titled Samoa Airways $2 m. ‘teething problems’. Months ago (memory lapse), I wrote about how ludicrous and dumbfounded decision by the Samoan (Stui) Government to drop Virgin Airlines, after deciding (paper, scissors, rock?) to go it alone and present our beloved Samoa (by default) another national debt.

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The problem

Re: Samoa Airway’s teething problems It’s blue skies and peaceful times in Samoa; there is no civil unrest or coup of any sort. So what excuses does Samoa Airways have for not being able to secure any bums on the seats?

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They haven’t learnt

Re: Logical explanation Jeffrey, you might be 100% correct in your comments, however as we all know from business 101, the two sides to any business are cost and revenue. You are addressing the revenue side.

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Logical explanation

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa Airways teething problems Fiji Airways ran at a loss for several years (during the coup). There are also seasons during the year where there will be high occupancy rates and low occupancy rates.

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Are you serious?

Dear Editor, Re: Care for Samoa Whiskey? Ua mana’o i le i’a ‘ae le manumanu i le upega. Its as if Samoans are well educated in drinking hard liquor. What’s wrong with our leaders?

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Chaos within individual families

Dear Editor, Re: The fight for our Samoan people today The way I see it, it’s in the government’s best interest if families are in chaos. Therefore the government is sowing discord within families and the more they sing that song, the more the uneducated will tend to believe and start to resent their sa’o for no reason at all.

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My Samoa, wake up!

Dear Editor, A very good warning from Vaovasa Winston Peters. History has a very good track record of what happens when the International Bankers through the UN offers poor countries help through developments and financial aid.

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Let this be a warning Samoa

It takes the smallest of sparks to start a fire. If that small fire finds fuel and if it is not contained properly, it has the potential to develop into an inferno destroying everything in its wake. Such is the picture of what has been unfolding at the village of Luatuanu’u during the past couple of days. It started from a very small spark.

Street Talk

Faaofonuu Iosefo Faamausili, 57

N.Z. govt. urged to change law

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is standing by her country’s immigration laws requiring Samoans to go through a stringent screening process to obtain a visa to visit New Zealand. This is despite the two countries sharing a Treaty of Friendship. Do you think this is fair? Reporter, Nefertiti Matatia, asked the public in today’s Street Talk and this is what they said:

Think a Minute

It takes one to make one (Part 2)

Think a minute…A boy does not become a man automatically or alone. It takes a man to make a man. Boys always have heroes they look up to as the kind of man they want to be—and boys whose fathers live with them usually say their hero is their dad.


About avoiding those mistakes

If you concern yourself with backing away from or avoiding repeated mistakes, you are not likely to find yourself “backing –up” into achievement or success. It has been traditional to believe that the avoidance of mistakes will result in progress.

Between the Lines


THE BEST A big fa’amalo to the skilled and courageous E.P.C. staff who braved the winds and rain to restore power from broken and dangerous power lines on Cross Island Road on Wednesday night in pitch darkness.

Sunday Reading

PRESIDENT OF THE S.A.M.E.:Tagaloa Eddie Wilson with Happy Ava Farmers Tupai & Asoono- from Savaii.

Samoa’s Ava Exports expected to rise to prominence again

Samoa’s Ava Exports is looking promising, with exports expected to increase in the next couple of years. Ava exports was Samoa’s second largest export commidity from 1998 to 2001 until some European countries led by Germany imposed restrictions on the Pacific Kava Trade. Samoa’s exports of Ava in 1998 was just under $20m.

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