For the love of rugby, it’s time for change

Dear Editor, Re: Samoan rugby today The aura of Samoan rugby has long since left. Manu Samoa will never be a powerhouse rugby nation unless major changes are made starting from the top.

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Go on, learn some new skills buddy!

Dear Editor, Re: Rugby’s U20 saga One should always take a negative situation and turn it into a positive experience. In the case of this young Manu hopeful, being stuck in Samoa without food or water, should’ve been taken as an opportunity to add some valuable survival skills to his training.

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Let them pay taxes

Re: Church Ministers tax bill Some (not all) of the richest people in Samoan communities either in Samoa or overseas are church pastors. It is a disgrace that in Samoa these high-income people are living on such a huge amount of money without contributing to the upkeep of roads, the health system, or the school system.

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A great move

Re: Church Minister’s tax bill passed This is a great move for Samoa; this new tax legislation will help the people’s contribution to “assist with health care, education, road developments which everyone uses.” I highly agree with the P.M. on that statement he made.

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Samoans with no families in Samoa?

Dear Editor, Re: Open letter to the S.R.U A Samoan family having no families in Samoa? A sure sign of long lost connection with your roots which could have been a lot different outcome with your son had he stayed with families.

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Keep up the fight

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa Coconut Clusters responsds I agree with you. The pharmaceutical companies, the meat industry, sugar companies, basically the big bad food cartel, sponsor many of these so-called health bodies and fund their “research”.

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Clean out time long overdue

Dear Editor, Re: Mistreatment of young player These things happening at the S.R.U is nothing new. The mistreatment of Sons of Samoa by S.R.U has been going on for many, many years. We just never hear of it.

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Healthy Samoans

Re: Samoa coconut cluster Yes. The Samoan people were healthy when they ate a traditional diet that relied heavily on coconuts and coconut products and it wasn’t until the Samoan people were told by companies like Nestles that according to their studies the Samoan people would be healthier if they ate white people food and fed their babies Nestles baby formula instead of mothers milk.

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The system has been broke for a long time

Dear Editor, Re: Balance would be a mix of both lifestyles Some good points raised by Mr. Hartin. It’s a worry. There emerges a picture of a society imbued with culture and religiosity albeit, with a modern government that despite its “progress” and expediency in securing funding, is not remedying issues associated with growing population, resultant demands on infrastructures, unemployment...

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How wealthy countries shut down the poor

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa Coconut Cluster responds This is how the wealthy countries shut down anything that the poor countries might become autonomous or competitive with. The W..TO will always help the rich countries.

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Not an isolated incident

Dear Editor, Re: Open letter to the Chairman of S.R.U It’s no wonder overseas-based Samoan players think twice about playing for Samoa. This is not an isolated incident.

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It’s nothing but a hoax

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa commits to address climate challenges Fear mongering has been used over and over again throughout history to justify the injustices governments used against it’s people.

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Please Samoa Rugby Union, bring a Psychologist!

Dear Editor, By now we should be done licking our wounds over our loss to Wales last Friday. It’s time once again to address the real issue plaguing our ever-beloved Manu Samoa. I say this in the most sincere way. However, we cannot and should not ignore the single most important weakness of the men in blue, both collectively and individually, their psychological makeup.

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I smell a rat

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa coconut oil Rape seed oil is also a product that Britain is producing that may have to compete with coconut oil. Hmmmmm interesting.

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It’s going to be a cracker

Dear Editor, Re: America’s Cup OTUSA had the faster boat for race 7&8 but made too many mistakes and the boat seems to have stability issues. Oracle is out practicing and by race time tomorrow, most of today’s problems will be well controlled.

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Alcohol issue

Re: Govt. zeros in on alcohol abuse AA has shown to possess a relatively low success rate. You should try to incorporate amino acids into your diet. Which has illustrated to diminish cravings. Associated with because the mind requires it is dopamine boost it gets from alcohol.

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Learning business skills

Re: Ex-Minister objects to street vendors plan It is an innovative idea and an idea that I pushed for last year on these comments pages. If kids don’t want to be in school, then if they want to continue being vendors, issue them with licenses and the only way they can continue being vendors is to make it compulsory for them to learn business skills at least 3 times a week.

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We’re fed up

Re: An open letter to the Chairman of the Samoa Rugby Union Time to call a spade a spade. If they’re not dodgy then at the very least they’re inept, unqualified and inexperienced.

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Balance would be a mix of both lifestyles

Dear Editor, Thank you for your editorial in the Sunday Samoan titled “Has Samoa developed a denial mentality that makes us accept certain things as normal?” Personally, I don’t see Samoa as an aspirational society.

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This is utter stupidity

Dear Editor, Re: Faumuina Liuga on child vendors and Joe Hollywood I just wish I can scream or cuss this man out for his stupidity. It is these kind of behavior and mindsets that create so many crimes and poverty. I was once a street vendor too just like Joe Hollywood.

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Farewell dear Allan Alo, you were indeed an inspiration!

Life is not fair. Good people, in fact great people, somehow always end up leaving us so soon. For some of us, it’s been a tough few months with the loss of lives of dear ones. Multiple losses too. Trust me, I know.

Street Talk

Ali Fa’afetai, 37

How do we address number of alcohol-related deaths?

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Think a Minute

Two become one

Think a minute… An African man who had three wives asked his Irish friend who had only one wife, this question: “Do you like your wife?” His Irish friend replied: “I like her very much!” The African man shook his head and said very sadly: “I don’t like any of mine.”


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