Malietoa Moli charged with contempt of Court

By Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu ,

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Malietoa Faamausili Moli.

Malietoa Faamausili Moli. (Photo: Misiona Simo/Samoa Observer)

Malietoa Fa’amausili Moli has been charged with contempt of Court.

He has been summoned to appear before the District Court on 9 October 2018, according to Court documents. 

Malietoa Moli is among 16 high chiefs from Malie who have been charged with contempt of Court.

The others include Maualaivao Pepe; Maualaivao Pat Ah Him; Auimatagi Sa’oloto; Auimatagi Fa’afetati; Auimatagi Afi Fa’amausili; Fa’amausili Siona; Fa’amausili Chris; Muagututi’a Peter; Muagututi’a Fa’alafi; Tulasunu’i Umutaua; Tulasunu’i Ulaese; Tulasunu’i Sanele; Tuatafu Iafetaa; Seiuli Ueligatone; and Salepo Fonoti. 

The contempt of Court charges were filed last week Friday. 

Court documents allege that the defendants defied an order by the Court not to proceed with the bestowal of the Malietoa title, held at Malie.

According to the Police Affidavit, ton 17 August 2018, the defendants of Malie “by an unlawful act, namely conducting the ceremony for the title bestowal of Malietoa Fa’amausili Moli, defying the Court order directed to the Village Council of Malie not to proceed with the ceremony.

“(In doing so) disobeyed the Interim Order issued by the Registrar of the Land and Titles Court on 16 August 2018, committing the crime of contempt of court.”

It was not possible to get a comment from Malietoa Moli yesterday.

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