It’s just not working

Re: Study hits out at violence Really, the church obviously isn’t working - look around Samoa, people are merely hiding behind it and everyone knows it. It’s the desperation of people stressed out by all the stupid monetary customs putting pressure on the family budget.

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Work with the media

Re: Losses at E.F.K.S TV This is why the Samoa Observer and the media should be allowed to report on the church’s dealing. I know the church have lawyers to review any deals with a private firm, but they could’ve hire Samoa Observer or another trusted local media outlet to promote its cause.

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Available information

Re: Losses with E.F.K.S TV E.F.K.S must be the only church in the country, which makes its financial reports available to the public via the General Assembly through the media coverage of the conference.

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Look to the future

Dear Editor, Re: Future and Yazaki Here’s where you write the script. Yazaki and Tuna canneries are the past folks, the future is just around the corner. Fix your house first, before you try to put the nails on someone else.

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Church and useful lessons in life

Dear Editor, Re: Church should teach holy Science The church and its lessons are very important and useful to a Christian’s journey in life. I am very fortunate to be brought up a Christian in Samoa.

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God’s love is free

Dear Editor, Re: The cost of the Jubilee Church So which is it PS Jeffrey and Lighten Up? 1000 or 2000 capacity? Seem neither of you have any idea either. I donate my fare share to both Malua and Kanana Fou. Both campus are enormously burdensome to our people but based on our belief and our “PRIDE”, we continue to contribute.

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Of low hanging fruits and Samoa

Dear Editor, Re: What the government needs to focus on This is the sort of letter, which annoys me no end. I gather from the letter that you Mr Hartin live somewhere in the US of A and have either visited Samoa on only a handful of times or never visited but read about us on the internet.

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Well done, Samoa!

Dear Editor, Congratulation and jubilation Samoa! There are more goodies coming towards your country and am so grateful for your best ever government lead by the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa Fatialofa ‘Auēlua Tuila’epa Lupesoli’ai Lolofie Neioti Galumalemana ‘Ai’ono “Bird of Paradise Chief Logohu” Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi.

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What the government needs to focus on

Dear Editor, Very interesting to read about the Minister of Communications and Information Technology’s Cable vision. It’s great that Samoa will get all this internet capacity, but beyond the promise of cheaper internet for local users, we need to be realistic about the potential for all of these add on industries and opportunities.

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Timing is everything

Re: Many questions about air transport If the signs align according to the P.M.’s crystal ball of where the curvature of the crossing over of the new cycle in business is the right timing, then I wouldn’t argue with the P.M. on this notion.

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An opportunity for Samoa

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa bids for Pacific Games A missed opportunity for Tonga but for legitimate concerns due to financial issues.

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The reality for us and the Games

Dear Editor, Re: Let’s back our Polynesian brothers Jeepers, one day I am dealing with extreme anti-government fanatics and the next I am dealing with extreme pro-government fanatics like you Bruin. I am not trying to talk down the country.

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Church should teach holy Science

Dear Editor, Re: Jubilee Church costs $17.3m “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Protestantism is the child of the mother church, Catholicism. The pillar in the front of the building represents the male phallic, the symbol of creation.

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The truth about the middle class

Dear Editor, Re: The government, truth and sex workers I will explain my rational. The business class/private owners of industry create the working class not the middleclass.

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It is written

Re: Better to speak broken English It is written... “rebuke a wise man and he loves you, rebuke a fool and he hates you...”

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Let’s have a free and fair election

Dear Editor, Re: Unregistered voter convicted and fined What about the PM’s village? Do voters in the PM’s village still have to register even though the PM stands alone in his district unopposed and already guaranteed the winner?

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An embarrassment

Re: General Secretary tells Samoa Observer to go away The church is now acting like the government. The church should promote inclusive of all media personnel. They may disagree with the stories that were written, but they are verifiable and accurate.

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Samoa and Tahiti

Re: Samoa should back Tahiti for Games Jeffery, where do you see Samoa benefitting from lending their support to Tahiti? You obviously don’t have a slightest clue of what you are talking about.

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Lack of English understanding the biggest stumbling block

Dear Editor, When our three-year contract as Core Trainers for M.E.S.C’s New Bilingual Curriculum for primary schools ran out towards the end of 2013, we were directed to prepare reports on how each subject had progressed.

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An exemplary “bow”

Dear Editor, Re: Proceed with caution and the Pacific Games I doff my hat to Mr. Akilsi Pohiva of the Government of Tonga. There is absolutely no embarrassment in the having the “guts” to do what is right.

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Politicians are not above the law

Democracy, elections and all that is good about a freer and fairer election are on the agenda in Apia this week. Down at Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, relevant stakeholders have been taking part in the “Democracy and Development in Samoa: the Role of Elections” National Conference.

Street Talk

Ali Fa’afetai, 37

How do we address number of alcohol-related deaths?

The growing number of alcohol-related deaths is alarming. Hardly a month goes by without several incidents where precious lives are wasted due to alcohol abuse and drinking sessions gone wrong. What can we as a country do to stop these unnecessary deaths? What is your solution? Ilia L. Likou asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what people said:

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A great son and father

Think a minute…This is a true story about a boy who dreamed of sailing around the world living a life of adventure on the sea.


Mothers Day

A Mother loves right from the start. She holds her baby close to her heart.

Between the Lines


GREGOR PAUL FAN CLUB Don’t you just love the New Zealand Herald rugby writer, Gregor Paul?

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Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

Guttorm stooped down and took the wild flower gently between his thumb and forefinger taking care not to bruise it.

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