How the Government can save money through Associate Ministers and cars

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Dear Editor

Re: Control spending, E.F.K.S. advises Govt.

I totally agree with this pastor on the Associate Minister position. 

What a colossal waste of taxpayer money. 

The other way I would save money if I was in power would be to take everyone of those expensive, taxpayer funded, deluxe, top of the line, gas sucking, SUVs, and sell the whole fleet. 

I would replace them with a fleet of economical small cars that are in a compound to be used for government business only. 

They would be checked in and out by a Police officer to insure no one is drinking and driving or allowing their family members to drive them. 

Perhaps the P.M. would get to keep his around the clock but that is the only person who would be allowed to do this. 

All vehicles from all ministries would only be available during the particular ministry business dealings. 

This is what the country can afford not what is currently happening with government vehicles.



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