Thank you Betham Brothers Enterprises

Dear Editor, Re: White Sunday help Thank you Betham Brothers for being so generous to these vulnerable families.

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When people are hungry with no money

Dear Editor Re: Desperate parents and White Sunday We often hear the phrase, “Ua taugata le soifuaga.” How does inflation affect a country?

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Why it is not growing

Dear Editor, Re: Isolation and high imports challenge Samoa’s growth I’m not afraid to use online services so fear is not the only reason the Samoan market is having a difficult time taking off.

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‘Animal’ who deserves jail

Dear Editor, Re: Man who raped wife’s sisters He’s such an animal, he’s the one who should protect them but ended up doing it to them? He should be in jail for a very long time, he violated those poor girls, it’s a shame how this man behaved

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Change the colonial mindset

Dear Editor, Re: Learn to plan ahead Here’s a thought Maria. How about changing the Christian colonial mindset that shames poor people into thinking they need to buy expensive clothes for white Sunday? A simple dinner with family and friends with singing should be sufficient. To plan by trying to save money for this is even too much. Don’t spend money on things like this if you don’t have money.

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We’re not just broke, we are desperate

Dear Editor, Re: Govt. is broke The government is not only broke but is desperate for more money. The government is like a big bad monster that feeds on money. The more money you feed the monster the bigger and hungrier it gets.

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Don’t believe everything

Dear Editor, Re: Not viable, Governor dismisses currency call Let me interject here, there is a reason why they are not telling you the Samoan people that believed in everything the government is telling you. They are going “cashless,” so why changed the currency and spend more money when they are going digital.

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Political lessons offered

Dear Editor Re: What really happens when a govt. is broke It is a developing country. You can be a middle income country and still be a developing country.

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He represented Tonga first!

Dear Editor Re: Taumalolo’s decision silly You are so stupid and ill informed. The drug excuse was cooked up by the tabloids and the N.Z. media to make J.T. look bad

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A cynical viewpoint?

Dear Editor Re: Devondale and Farmer Joe bring out White Sunday fun Aw isn’t this special that all the businesses that cater to consumerism have created a way to commercialize White Sunday by having a White Sunday fun day.

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Learn to plan ahead

Dear Editor, Re: Desperate families on White Sunday Thank you for your story on families loaning money for White Sunday in yesterday’s paper. I loath this day because I work alongside Pacific Families here in NZ that always suffer the aftermath of White Sundays.

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Taumalolo’s decision silly

Re: Jason Taumalolo’s decision Is this the beginning of the end for rugby league players to follow rugby union to play for one country for life? I am not at all surprised if New Zealand and Australia would start to pursue with Rugby League International to stop the rot.

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Billion dollars and our debt

Re: Why things happen With a reported $2bn external debt, I bet the government is broke. Just guessing at corruption and cars and/or accessories as main contributors.

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Try India Stui!

Re: P.M.’s treatment in NZ The P.M. should go to Fortis Hospital in India for treatment to show his support for his new Overseas Medical Treatment plan.

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India maybe

Re: P.M. Tuilaepa medivac What about the India plan? Has it been amended? According to the Prime Minister referring patients to India is much cheaper than sending them to New Zealand under the existing referral program.

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Take care of yourself

Re: P.M Tuilaepa medivac Maybe it’s time P.M. that you retire and enjoy your twilight years with your family. I do hope all Samoans in Samoa are afforded the same health treatment you are getting?

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Why things happen

Re: What happens when a govt. is broke Two very good reasons why. 1) The last two budgets have signalled that the govt. is going to try very hard to pay down the debt. It had gone out to 68% of G.D.P at one stage.

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Low cost energy and Samoa

Dear Editor In November 2015 a meeting was held in Fiji between the various island states to discuss Geothermal energy in Samoa along with other forms of renewable energy. Almost every Government department was represented including the EPC, “LTA”, MNRE, SROS and The Ministry of Finance.

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It doesn’t make sense

Dear Editor Re: Manslaughter charge dismissed Something doesn’t sound right about this ruling.

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What will it take to make a difference?

Dear Editor Re: Disloyalty and untrustworthy I imagine people have good intentions when entering government but soon realise that in order to get any help for your village, you must abide and play by the rules of the H.R.P.P.

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“A small party made up of small-minded people,” says M.P. Faumuina Wayne Fong.

On the front page of the Sunday Samoan of 15 October 2017, the headline read: “Member hits out at dirty H.R.P.P. politics.” The “Member” in question is Parliamentarian Faumuina Wayne Fong, of the Human Rights Protection Party, who claimed that members of his party “are engaged in dirty politics.”

Street Talk

Fa’afetai Timo, 29

Questions over sports administration

The administration of sports in Samoa has come under the microscope once more. American-based Samoan Sprinter, Jeremy Dodson, has raised serious questions about the way sports are run. “From the three years I have represented Samoa, I have seen officials do nothing but get free trips, trips spent lounging in sponsored hotels while athletes eat processed food,” he said. “I have seen officials get elected not off merits, but friendships.

Think a Minute

Win over worry (Part 1)

Think a minute…It’s been said: “A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.” In fact, the root word for worry is “choke” or “strangle.” Worrying chokes the life and strength out of you! Constant worrying strangles us emotionally, gradually taking away our hope and happiness.


C.E.O of O.E.C, Faimalomatumua Mathew Lemisio with O.E.C staff members and others open the event with the ava ceremony.

Elections and strengthening democracy

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this Commonwealth Electoral Professionals Initiative training event, convened in partnership with Samoa’s Electoral Commissioner’s Office and in cooperation with the PIANZEA Electoral Administrators Network.

Between the Lines


Con artist at work So there is apparently someone conning unsuspecting members of the public at the Land Transport Authority compound. In a public notice, L.T.A has warned members of the public to be alert.

Sunday Reading

OUR HERO IS HOME: Our very own W.B.O. Heavyweight Champion visits the sick children and bringing them smiles of which were signs of temporary relief.

When a World Champion drops by

The smiles on their faces said it all. Although many of them were in pain, W.B.O heavyweight champion, Lupesoliai Laauli Joseph Parker, brought temporary relief when he paid an unexpected visit on Friday.

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