He’s still the world champion and it is all that matters

And so the circus that is the world heavyweight boxing division continues. With yet another “controversial” decision adding fuel to the fire, it is typical of what we have come to expect from the sport over the years, isn’t it?

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Something’s missing

It says quite a lot when there is more passion displayed in the boxing ring after the announcement of the outcome of a 12 round bout, than during it. And that the passion didn’t come from either of the two boxers themselves.

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Bomb threat, world crisis and the power of prayers

We know technology has reduced the world to the size of a global village. But not many of us really believe how small that village has become and how this could actually have such a real and profound impact on everyone – including the isolated populations in the middle of the vast Pacific ocean.

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Lupesoliai Parker shouldn’t let the occasion get the better of him

It’s not heavyweight boxing without the drama. That’s for sure. And so it’s hardly surprising to see Segiali’i David Higgins’ shenanigans in London on the eve of one of Lupesoliai Joseph Parker’s biggest fights in his career.

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The written word and climate change

This year’s Short Story Competition run by the Samoa Observer and sponsored by Samoa Stationery and Books and Eveni Caruthers ended with its prize giving ceremony at S.S.A.B’s conference room. The writer was asked to say a few words about why the Samoa Observer values the competition and why the theme of this year, which is climate change, is especially important. This is what he said:

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One more reminder to protect our young girls

Every parent who has a girl child at school – including in colleges and tertiary education – should read Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Warren’s comments on page 3 of the Samoa Observer yesterday.

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Dealing with unemployment should be a matter of urgency

We know this much is undeniable. A lot of our social and criminal problems of today could easily have been resolved if there were sufficient employment opportunities made available to the population of this island nation.

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Desperation knows no boundaries

The front-page story titled “No poverty in Samoa? Check out the children at Tafaigata landfill” is another sad reminder about the chilling reality for some of the poorest people in this country today.

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I just don’t get it

It’s not that often I agree with the opinion of Salega East Member of Parliament, Olo Fiti Va’ai and I’m sure he could care less about me saying so. And while I am not convinced we should just go ahead and can the Green Lane List system, like many others now that there is obviously a problem, I would like to know more about why it was set up.

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Greed poisons the mind, destroys great intentions

The past couple of weeks have been great for Samoa. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Some wonderful things have been said about this country that we should all take pride in.

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Tough road ahead for Fuimaono

At long last. The appointment of Fuimaono Titimaea Tafua as the Head Coach of the Manu Samoa has been confirmed. The confirmation from the Chairman of the Samoa Rugby Union, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, though came a bit late.

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Conflicts, containers, tipping and bribery in paradise

Visibility is not hard in this paradise we call home. Samoa, being a small place, it’s difficult to escape if you are a prominent person or someone of importance to members of the public. It’s just the way it is.

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It’s a cold, cold world we live in

Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a very interesting time. It is one defined by many problems with the global economy, environment and in many other areas of life.

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Samoa’s praises, P.M. Tuilaepa and abuse in the public service

Well, the 48th Pacific Islands Forum Meeting has come and gone. All we are left with today is a communiqué and fond memories from what was a very busy time for Samoa, last week.

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This is Samoa; it’s a free country

The fight for West Papua might be far from a victory for people there but at last week’s 48th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting; the vocal local protesters who made the issue known can claim a moral victory.

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Be nice to someone, you might just save a life

As Samoans, we’re known as friendly and happy people. Visitors to these shores are impressed and marvel at our ability to offer a smile, acknowledge them and wave simply because that is who we are.

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Happy, smiling faces everywhere, and assault on media too

Last week was definitely a memorable time for us all. It was when we played host to the 48th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting right here in Apia, where as the Forum’s Chairman, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, was without a doubt the man of the moment.

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Taking pride in Samoa’s cleanliness

Now that the 27th Annual Teuila Festival has closed, we join the Minister of Tourism, Sala Fata Pinati, in acknowledging and congratulating everyone involved in making the weeklong festivities possible.

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Don’t forget issue of customary lands and West Papua

Today, the 48th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting -- and all other related meetings -- come to an end. With the Leaders Retreat and the closing ceremony at Taumeasina Island Resort tonight, we can safely say all is well that ends well.

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Tell me there is method in thy madness. Please.

There is no doubt about it. The leaders of the Pacific Islands Forum in Apia have their work cut out for the next two days. Or so we hope. As they do at these meetings, it has everything to do with trying to save our people and our part of the planet from eternal damnation.

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Letters to the Editor

More meetings

Re: Another meeting in Apia There are more and more meetings held in Samoa from these different entities that has nothing to do with our sovereignty of whatsoever. So who is dictating policies in our supposedly independent state? These are the type of questions we need to ask ourselves when we see things happening out of the ordinary.

Street Talk

Fa’afetai Timo, 29

Questions over sports administration

The administration of sports in Samoa has come under the microscope once more. American-based Samoan Sprinter, Jeremy Dodson, has raised serious questions about the way sports are run. “From the three years I have represented Samoa, I have seen officials do nothing but get free trips, trips spent lounging in sponsored hotels while athletes eat processed food,” he said. “I have seen officials get elected not off merits, but friendships.

Think a Minute

Win over worry (Part 1)

Think a minute…It’s been said: “A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.” In fact, the root word for worry is “choke” or “strangle.” Worrying chokes the life and strength out of you! Constant worrying strangles us emotionally, gradually taking away our hope and happiness.


C.E.O of O.E.C, Faimalomatumua Mathew Lemisio with O.E.C staff members and others open the event with the ava ceremony.

Elections and strengthening democracy

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this Commonwealth Electoral Professionals Initiative training event, convened in partnership with Samoa’s Electoral Commissioner’s Office and in cooperation with the PIANZEA Electoral Administrators Network.

Between the Lines


Con artist at work So there is apparently someone conning unsuspecting members of the public at the Land Transport Authority compound. In a public notice, L.T.A has warned members of the public to be alert.

Sunday Reading

OUR HERO IS HOME: Our very own W.B.O. Heavyweight Champion visits the sick children and bringing them smiles of which were signs of temporary relief.

When a World Champion drops by

The smiles on their faces said it all. Although many of them were in pain, W.B.O heavyweight champion, Lupesoliai Laauli Joseph Parker, brought temporary relief when he paid an unexpected visit on Friday.

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