Of old attitudes

Re: Colonialism attitudes Oh dear, so now we need to cross the t’s and dot the i’s? Which part of “insidious colonialism” needs clarification? Was Christianity part of Samoan culture before colonial powers invaded and settled Samoa?

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Be careful with those books

Re: Books to unlock Samoa’s potential? Scientology has destroyed families, driven people crazy, and bankrupted people all over the world.

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The issue of customary lands in Samoa

Dear Editor, Re: The real issue with customary lands I am confident that I have won the legal argument against the H.R.P.P. government involving our customary land because the Law and Fact will be judged by Historians and Lawyers of All Ages hereafter, yet for me the big question is whether our Samoan people will survive this takeover by dishonest corrupt officials and their foreign masters.

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The United States today

Dear Editor, Re: Trump calls for arming of teachers When the oligarchs saw Bernie Sanders ran on the platform as the voice and representative of the masses, they allowed trump to run on the same parallel platform.

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So much dishonesty in Samoa

Dear Editor, Re: Heartless thieves in times of disaster Really, looting in times of disaster is just a logical extension of the theft and dishonesty practiced by far too many Samoans every day.

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The real issue with customary lands

Dear Editor, In response to Iona Tusa’s letter about the idle lands published in your paper earlier this week, let me say that the problem you noisy internet activists have is that you assume that leasing is as good as sold.

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Let’s clarify this matter

Dear Editor, Let me lay this out clearly for everyone. I’m writing about PS Jeffrey’s criticisms of the editorial about P.M. Tuilaepa spending too much time on O.L.P.

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Are they tilling the land?

Dear Editor, Re: Mother desperate for better home I still can’t figure out why they would have to use the bushes when they could always have a pit latrine, or even a peace Corp type of latrine.

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A waste of the Court’s time

Dear Editor, Re: Notorious criminal defies Court Order “Tualima had appeared before the Supreme Court to face charges in relation to his latest escape from jail last December, during which he allegedly attacked a prominent businesswoman and her children at Ululoloa.”

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The problem with American politics

Dear Editor, Re: Trump calls for arming teachers The problem is that American politics is subject to open bribery and the N.R.A. is a major donor during campaigning. Same reason Washington will always support Israel and Saudi regardless how many war crimes they commit.

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What needs to happen

Re: Silence on P.M’s order The Attorney General has to first find out whether what O.L.P. is writing about is the truth. Then from these truths and evidences provided the Attorney General has to find out whether the P.M. or H.R.P.P. or any government member has broken any of the laws of the land of Samoa.

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So sad for Samoa

Re: Granduncle jailed for rape It’s crazy to think of how many more is going on within families in Samoa. It was there when I was young and growing up but people just brush off as it’s the kid’s fault.

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Open letter to organisations who should be helping families with cyclone relief

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter to publicly seek an explanation from the various agencies/organisations that are supposed to assist in times of disasters such as the D.M.O. and Red Cross. My family was one of those badly affected by Cyclone Gita, our houses were inundated with water and mud and up to now we are still cleaning.

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Leave God out of it

Dear Editor, Re: An act of God or nature? Perhaps this Pastor should be thinking about re-educating himself on matters theologically. I think a proper and meaningful question would be, what are we as stewards of creation doing to creation? Are we upholding our responsibilities in caring and managing our planet?

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The situation in Syria

Re: Security Council and Syria Syrian government forces are fighting to reclaim territory from the rebels/terrorists the U.S. sent in there to destabilize the country with a view to regime change and a leadership more amenable to American geopolitical designs on the region.

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The real issue here

Dear Editor Re: In response to P.S. Jeffrey regarding ‘idle lands’ Rather than crucify Jeffrey for his emotive outburst, perhaps we can dissect the issues, which is at the heart of the emotion spillover. If we consider land as an asset (according to my one unit of economics at a local institute), then it is the job of family members under the guidance of the family Sa’o to manage that asset in the best possible way.

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When you avoid the question

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa should have free education Hahahaha se malo! As usual, you deflect from answering the actual question which was where in the 2017-2018 budget does it show the Samoa School Fees Grant Scheme funding?

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O.L.P and government work

Dear Editor, Re: Ghostwriters and priorities for government So on the one hand, this editorial hopes the people behind O.L.P are caught. However, on the other hand, this editorial does not believe the government should lift a finger to try and catch them saying it is a waste of time.

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Be transparent and do your job

Dear Editor Re: Ghostwriters and the priorities for P.M. Tuilaepa’s administration I concur and agree wholeheartedly on this article! Why waste time on a ‘ghost?’ Do your job you have been voted in to do!

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The benefits of the Tui Samoa Cable

Dear Editor, I commend the Government on the Tui Samoa Cable and for pushing through the increased internet capacity for Samoa, it is much needed and has the potential to open up Samoan internet facilities to first world class.

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Something is wrong when a criminal stands up to His Honour the Chief Justice

Let’s see. Something is terribly amiss in the make up of society when a notorious criminal and someone who has brought unimaginable shame to a country is allowed to openly question the highest authority in as far as the Judiciary is concerned.

Street Talk

Lui Tamoto, 49

An act of God or nature?

In the wake of Cyclone Gita, one Pastor has claimed that the cyclone was a mild warning from God to the government over their decision to tax pastors. What do you think? Samoa Observer reporter, Nefertiti Matatia, asked members of the public in today’s Street Talk: Do you think Tropical Cyclone Gita was a sign from God? This is what they said:

Think a Minute

Mr. apple’s leadership lessons (Part 1)

Think a minute…Apple Computer’s Steve Jobs’ death from cancer at the age of 56 touched millions. His impact on the world through the Macintosh computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTunes will continue for many years.


HEALTHY LIVING: Christina Robert switches to a plant based diet for a healthier lifestyle.

Changing lives: Reversing heart diseases in Samoa

Talofa Samoa! Someone asked me the other day whether the whole food, plant based (W.F.P.B.) diet that M.E.T.I. is promoting can help reverse heart disease. The answer is a loud YES.

Between the Lines


THE BEST A big fa’amalo to the skilled and courageous E.P.C. staff who braved the winds and rain to restore power from broken and dangerous power lines on Cross Island Road on Wednesday night in pitch darkness.

Sunday Reading

PRESIDENT OF THE S.A.M.E.:Tagaloa Eddie Wilson with Happy Ava Farmers Tupai & Asoono- from Savaii.

Samoa’s Ava Exports expected to rise to prominence again

Samoa’s Ava Exports is looking promising, with exports expected to increase in the next couple of years. Ava exports was Samoa’s second largest export commidity from 1998 to 2001 until some European countries led by Germany imposed restrictions on the Pacific Kava Trade. Samoa’s exports of Ava in 1998 was just under $20m.

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