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By Ivamere Nataro ,

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LOVING SAMOA: Emma Kwaczynski of Australia says Samoa must preserve its culture.

LOVING SAMOA: Emma Kwaczynski of Australia says Samoa must preserve its culture. (Photo: Ivamere Nataro)

Samoa’s culture is what brings in the tourist dollars.

Emma Kwaczynski from Jervis Bay, Australia, was walking to the bank under Samoa’s hot sun when the Dear Tourist team met her.

“Samoan culture is why people come here, I think if you want to be in a western world then you need to go somewhere else, I think for Samoa it needs to attract people through its culture,” she said.

It is her second visit to the islands. Her first time experience is the reason she’s back for more. 

“My first visit to Samoa was when I was in Australia I looked after the Toa Samoa team when they were training and they told me to come visit Samoa, so I did,” she said. 

“This time, I came to visit some local friends who I met the first time I came here and also some overseas friends as well.”

“One of my friends comes every year, he’s from Stockholm, and so I came to visit him as well.”

“So I consider my local friends as family.”

For Emma, the local people and the beaches have got to be the best thing about Samoa, among other things. 

“There are so many best things about living in Samoa, the beaches and the people are probably the best part.”

“This time I went to Lalomanu, last time I went to Savaii, I also went to the Sinalei Reef Resort party, it’s was great beach party, everyone was just dancing.”

“The local hospitality is wonderful, everyone is just so friendly and welcoming, when you walk down the street, they’ll be just smiling and it’s a safe place, I’ve never felt unsafe, everyone is helpful and no one takes advantage of you so yeah.”

She has been here for two weeks and she leaves Samoa’s shores tomorrow, with a taste of local dish. 

“I’ve tasted some local food poke, fish burger, tuna, and Jodanna’s is really delicious, and Seafood Gourmet Bar & Grill, they sell the best oka and sashimi,” Emma said. 

She reiterated the need for Samoa to keep its culture and if anything she explained: “I think the staff should just remember the drink orders, otherwise everything is great, the local buses are really fun to get on, and everything is just wonderful. Yeah I can’t think of anything else except Samoa’s local staff to memorize drink orders.”

Apart from recommending Samoa to her friends, she also has plans to revisit the islands, and maybe next time a little longer than two weeks. 

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