A letter titled “Stop this madness” published on page 13 of the Samoa Observer of 29 March 2017 contained a claim we would like to retract.

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Why can’t we just get along?

Dear Editor, On March 30th 1959 the Dalai Lama fled from Tibet and was granted political asylum in India. Can you imagine fleeing from your own country because the communists invaded?

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Interested in Women in Sports Commission

Dear Editor, Re: Women contest key sporting roles It’s great to see several woman contesting positions on the S.A.S.N.O.C. Board this year.

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Praying is not enough anymore

Dear Editor, Re: Church cautions govt. The time is right for the “representatives of God” to help their country.

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It just doesn’t make sense to me

Dear Editor, Re: Govt reviews taxes Although I support the tax initiative, I am wondering how will the government collect taxes from the poor? For the government and the public to succeed, the government must create jobs.

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Church and the government

Dear Editor, Re: Thinking about love and compassion I cringe within when I see the church being compared to a government. It means corruptions and politicians rather than righteousness and servants.

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It doesn’t make sense at all

Dear Editor, Re: Matautu wharf closure possible This makes no sense at all. Why does the wharf need to be shutdown during the installation of the cable?

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Let’s pray for Toa and everyone

Dear Editor, Re: The stigmata drama This is so sad. Demons are playing with everyone involved with this girl’s saga. This exposes the real spiritual state of those in very responsible positions in Samoa.

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What are you afraid of?

Dear Editor, Re: Siripa’s challenge C’mon Mr. A.G. what have you got to lose by taking up Siripa’s challenge?

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A win-win situation for tax review

Dear Editor, Re: Govt tax review gets backing I agree to have a review of the tax system in the country but its short sighted to target the churches and the clergy considering they act as a counter balance to the government.

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Take up something more productive

Dear Editor, Re: The truth behind the stigmata drama A lot of your energy and time has been put into your analysis, bold statements, allegations and just plain shortsightedness, I almost feel sorry for you.

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Let parents do their job

Re: Father worries about future of youth “I see so much contradiction in Samoan society towards children.

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Free primary education

Re: Samoa should have free education Newsflash. There has been free primary and secondary school education in Samoa for least the last five years.

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Faifeau and his income

Re: P.M. should read his Bible properly A faifeau indeed officiates at a wedding and funeral and saofai and other events and he does come away with a profit.

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You’ve avoided my question

Dear Editor, Re: Give to Caesar what belongs to him “What happened to the lauded “sanctuary” my man?” And what happened to a single question I asked and you couldn’t answered?

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Faifeau in Samoa and taxes

Dear Editor, Re: A faifeau is not God How do you know God created tax? Can you read His mind?

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Parents are entirely to blame

Dear Editor, Re: Father worries about the future of youth Good article with many good points. I disagree though that the parents aren’t to blame.

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The comparisons between New Zealand and India

Dear Editor, Comparisons, eh! Thank you Dr. Naseri for the clarification, I feel much better now than before reading your letter of explanation.

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The truth behind the stigmata drama

Dear Editor, Re: P.M. raised $10,000 to send stigmata girl to Rome After reading this article, it was not hard to tell that both P.M. Tuilaepa and former C.C.C.S Reverend, Opapo (Stigmata’s father) are not what they appear to be.

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Of course they work

Re: Mother’s struggles I can never understand why these people say or perhaps it is mistakenly written that “we don’t work”.

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Don’t lose sight of the big picture

Sometimes when we become so hung up with the daily grind and when we are overwhelmed by the multiple challenges of life, we lose sight of the bigger picture. That much is undeniable.

Street Talk

Ruta, 45

What changes in the police ministry are needed?

The Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil has finally returned to work following a long suspension and an appearance in court. Now that he’s resumed his position, Sina Filifilia Sevaaetasi hit the streets of Apia asking the question “Is there a need to have changes in the police force?”

Think a Minute

Trophies or trash

Think a minute…Recently a successful, famous man told about a surprising gift he received in the mail. It was from his old high school. When he was a teenager his love and passion was tennis.


Recruitment of A.C.E.Os should be left to professional interviewer

I read with interest the plan by the P.M. and Cabinet to appoint the A.C.E.Os.

Between the Lines


JUST CURIOUS A friend of BTL was looking through the coaching staff for the Samoa A team that’s in Fiji right now.

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

The horsemen left King Giuki’s burg at dawn, riding out through the forest to the distant mountains beyond.

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