Plea to cut cost of living

By Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu ,

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LIFE IS EXPENSIVE: Foga’a Tavita, 26, of Safa’ato’a Lefaga.

LIFE IS EXPENSIVE: Foga’a Tavita, 26, of Safa’ato’a Lefaga. (Photo: Joyetter Luamanu )

Foga’a Tavita, 26, of Safa’ato’a Lefaga has called on the Samoan Government to lower the cost of living. 

Speaking to the Village Voice team on his way home after work, Foga’a said the money he makes is never enough because everything is absurdly expensive. 

Foga’a works during the week and only visits his family on the weekend. 

“I am heading home for the weekend and I know for a fact this is the only time they will get to eat good food, is on the weekend, when I get my salary.” 

“Aside from the food and everything else increasing significantly, nowadays, family obligations are another avenue that is milking all the money.” 

“I think for my family during the weekdays they are just having a cup of tea in the evenings maybe with some taros, while the money to goes to everything else.” 

“Then there are church obligations.” 

Foga’a again reiterated on the cost of living. 

“The cost of living keeps on getting higher and higher and before we know it, there will be more things that we cannot afford anymore.” 

 “There are too many changes and the truth is most of those changes come with a rising cost.”

“And it’s a very high cost at that and I just want to ask the government to please help out our people by providing a solution for the expensive cost of living.”

According to Foga’a, it appears the Chinese shops are one way the Government has addressed the high cost of living. 

“But then most of what is sold at these Chinese shops, you really can’t read the text, because it’s in a foreign language, these are some of the issues that we encounter with these Asian shops.” 

“Another thing is, they sell expired canned food and if we are careful, we just consume,” said Foga’a. 

“And you know nowadays money is everything here in Samoa, and that’s the truth.”

“Even though we have three people working, but I tell you that when a family obligation like funeral occus at the same time with the kids’ school fees deadline, things will not be the same.”

“Money is needed for so much stuff, paying the bills, family obligations, supporting church as well as village council’s items,” he said. 

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